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Cobra RadSpeed XB Driver

Cobra RadSpeed XB Driver Features and Technology 

There are several upgrades to the XB Driver that we did not see in some of the Speedzone models. Each of these has led to even more speed than we thought was possible coming from a Cobra. 

Back Biased Radial Weighing 

The XB in the Cobra RadSpeed XB stands for Extreme Back. This means that the weight is as far back as possible as it can be from the clubface. The new weight positioning is done to help players get an incredible amount of distance and lower spin on their drives. 

In addition, there is a 6g adjustable weight that can be moved around to give players more of a custom feel when they swing their driver. 

Infinity Face 

An infinity-edge face on a golf driver means that the area where you can hit the ball and still see great results is maximized. If you tend to miss the exact center of the sweet spot at times, the Infinity Face technology will undoubtedly help. 

Cobra Connect 

Of course, Cobra was able to incorporate their impressive Cobra Connect technology. With Cobra Connect, you get the ability to track what you have done with your drives and keep better tabs on the lofts and weighting that work best for your swing. 

Who Should Play With The RadSpeed XB? 

The Cobra RadSpeed XB gets lots of distance and ball speed, but it doesn’t lack forgiveness. Sometimes when more speed features are added to a driver, the compensation is a bit of forgiveness. That is not the case with the RadSpeed XB.

Therefore we feel like the players that are going to benefit from this club the most from this club are those with mid handicaps.

Golfers that need those extra yards but can’t give up the control will love what Cobra has done with the RadSpeed XB. 

What Other Drivers Does Cobra Golf Have Out Right Now? 

In addition to the RadSpeed XB, you will also notice that Cobra has released the Radspeed and the Radspeed XD. The RadSpeed is the best choice for players with lower handicaps, the Radspeed XD stands for Extreme Draw, and it is for the higher handicap golfers. 

In addition to the adjustability that Cobra includes in each driver, it is nice that they are creating clubs for all different player types. This is certainly a driver you could step into and keep in your bag for years to come.

Cobra has become one of the leaders in adjustable golf technology over the last few years. If you are a golfer that likes to tinker with your clubs and then follow up by checking the performance statistics, Cobra is a smart brand to choose from. This company went from being known for forgiveness to being known for speed and forgiveness. The new RadSpeed XB Driver is a continuation of the Cobra company continuing to push the limits of both distance and playability. Let’s take a look at all the Cobra RadSpeed XB has to offer and who should have it in their golf bag right now. 


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