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Cobra Snakebite and Snakebite X Wedges

Cobra has recently released the latest golf wedge on the market, the Snakebite and the Snakebite X. The Snakebite wedge series has a model for every golfer and is determined to bring players a better feel, more consistency, and quite a bit of spin. If you want that extra control around the greens in 2023, the Cobra Snakebite and Snakebite X wedges are a great place to start.

Features and Benefits of Cobra Snakebite and Snakebite X

If you can’t tell, the name “Snakebite” has everything to do with stopping on the green quickly and increasing spin that golfers can get. Here is what you can expect from the 2023 Snakebite wedges.

Models and Availability

The Cobra Snakebite wedges come in three models, the SnakeBite, SnakeBite One Length, and the SnakeBite X. The SnakeBite X is built more for the golfer that needs a bit more forgiveness and consistency in their short game.

CNC Milling Process

Although the CNC Milling Process from Cobra has changed throughout the years, the SnakeBite wedges all feature tighter groove tolerances and a bit more aggressiveness than we have seen in the past. Essentially, the grooves work better than ever before.

We also noticed that Cobra made sure wedge loft was paired perfectly with groove depth and size.

Grind Options

There are three grind options in the Snakebite from Cobra they include the Versatile Grind, Classic Grind, and the Widelow Grind. With these three combinations, you will have options for medium or soft course conditions and steep or shallow swing paths.

One Length Options

The Cobra Snakebite One Length wedge is 37.5 inches and will work with the other OneLength options from Cobra. You can get the OneLength in the 48,52,54,56 and 60-degree options, and it helps players that are worried about the consistency of their setup.

Game Improvement Wedge

Although previous versions of the Cobra SnakeBite wedges offer great feel and spin control, forgiveness was not always the strong point. With the new SnakeBiteX, golfers benefit from a hollow cavity design with a TPU insert.

For higher handicappers getting more confident around the greens, this is a game-improvement wedge that will change the way you approach a golf hole.

Finish Options

Cobra offers two finishes on their SnakeBite wedges; these include the Satin Chrome and the QPQ black finish. The finish will not have an impact on the performance of the wedge and is instead there to help you improve the visual you are looking for on the golf course.

Final Thoughts

Fairway Jockey is your one-stop shop for all custom golf wedges. We have the new Cobra SnakeBite and SnakeBite X Wedges with premium shaft offerings and custom grips. If you are going to invest in new wedges this year, it makes sense to get a club that is a specific fit for your game. If you have questions about the performance or functionality of the SnakeBite wedges, don’t hesitate to do a phone fitting with a Fairway Jockey representative.


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