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Colin Morikawa WITB - Open Championship Winner

If you enjoy seeing young golfers who work hard succeed on the PGA Tour, you will love Collin Morikawa. Collin is serious about his game; he focuses, works hard, and he carries himself as though he has been on the PGA Tour his entire life. Watching Morikawa win the Open Championship was quite impressive. His game is so solid, and his putting stroke did not fail him at all. One of the exciting things about this win is that there were some changes to his golf bag just a few days before the event. Collin Morikawa is not afraid to take risks when it comes to equipment, and he continually makes changes to have the best possible clubs in play at all times. Let’s take a look at what is in his bag today. 


As you can tell, Collin Morikawa is in excellent physical condition and can generate quite a bit of clubhead speed. His driving distance is incredibly long, and part of that is due to the impressive TaylorMade SIM technology. Morikawa plays with an 8 degree TaylorMade SIM driver, he has not yet upgraded to the SIM 2, but that is a change we will likely see at some point. 

Fairway Woods 

Not many players carry two fairway woods, but the bag of the Open Champion had both a 3 wood and a 5 wood in play. The 3 wood is a TaylorMade SIM Titanium in 14 degree loft. The 5 wood is a TaylorMade SIM2 in 19 degrees. Both fairway woods have a Mitsubishi Diamana D- 80 TX golf shaft. 


Morikawa put together a unique combination set of irons to have in play for the British Open Championship. The 4 iron is a TaylorMade P770, followed by the P7MC in the 5-9 iron and then a TaylorMade P730 pitching wedge. All amateur golfers should note this and realize that sometimes a combination set gives you the best variety in performance. All of the irons feature a True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100


It’s not often that golfers will have wedges from two different manufacturers. This is what we mean about Morikawa not being afraid to take equipment risks. He currently has a TaylorMade MG2 in a 50-degree loft, Titleist Vokey SM8 in 56, and a TaylorMade MG2 Hi-Toe in a 60-degree wedge. This combination of short game tools worked out quite well for Morikawa. 


Last but certainly not least is the TaylorMade TP Juno putter. If you watch Morikawa closely, you will see that he sometimes changes his putting grip around a bit. It’s interesting to see how these players manipulate their game and their equipment to be able to shoot the lowest scores possible. The TaylorMade TP Juno Putter is not the latest release in the golf market, but it has a consistent and stable feel. If you watch the rest of Morikawa’s golf game and how well he plans and executes shots, this putter is the perfect fit.

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