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Desert Fox Phone Caddy: Everything To Know

The Desert Fox Phone Caddy is a relatively new accessory to the golf market, and golfers are calling it their must-have item this year. For so many years, playing golf was a chance to put the phone down. However, with modern golf apps, score tracking devices, and yardage calculating programs, the phone has made its way back into the round of golf. If you want a great way to ensure you can use your phone but also keep it safe, the Desert Fox Phone Caddy could be it. 

Features and Benefits

The Desert Fox Phone Caddy is essentially a phone holder for golfers that are riding in a cart. With the Desert Fox, you can have a completely hands-free round of golf but still benefit from the functionality of your phone. 

Quick Installation

Even if you don’t own a golf cart, you can still bring the Desert Fox Phone Caddy out for a round of golf and quickly install it on the cart you are using. This model installs within a matter of seconds, and you can then just throw it in your golf bag after a round. 

All of the pieces necessary to get the golf cart phone holder to stay in place come with the package when you purchase it. When you get good at this, you can put it on your cart while talking to your buddies on the first tee. 

Fits All Modern Phones

One issue that we have seen from many phone holders for golf carts is the fact that they are all different sizes. If you want a product that is more of a one-size-fits-all, the Desert Fox is the way to go. This phone caddy will fit any modern phone and even many of the cases on the market. 

The fit is secure enough that you will not worry about your phone flying out, and many times you don’t even need to take the cover off. In addition, with the way the Desert Fox holds the phone, you still have all the functionality you need to record scores, check yardages, and facetime your golf coach. 

Designed To Work With Any Golf Cart

It won’t matter if you play with EZ Go, Club Car, or even Yahama golf carts. The front bar where the Desert Fox Phone Caddy is installed will be the same shape and size, ensuring that installation remains consistent throughout.

Color Options

The Desert Fox Phone Caddy comes in several different colors. It is a durable design that is meant to hold up through many rounds of golf. The fact that you can always keep this accessory in your golf bag and just pull it out when you need it is another added benefit. 


If you plan on riding the golf course, you know that finding a spot for your phone can be a bit tricky. Take advantage of this kind of technology and pick up a Desert Fox Phone Caddy from Fairway Jockey.

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