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Do Custom Golf Shafts Come With An Adapter?

Every year the number of custom golf shaft options for golfers grows and expands. Even though new golf equipment changes from year to year, more and more golf shaft companies are coming to market every day. Golfers are starting to realize that the shaft is an essential feature of a golf club, and it is essential to always have the right one in play. However, purchasing a custom golf shaft can be a scary process for some golfers. If you are not used to tinkering with your golf clubs and have only bought stock products, we have all the information you need about purchasing custom golf shafts. 

Do Custom Golf Shafts Come With An Adapter? 

When purchasing a custom golf shaft through an authorized golf shaft dealer like Fairway Jockey you will always get an adapter with your golf shaft. When purchasing the shaft, you will have to put in the model and brand information associated with your current driver. 

This information will then be used to select the proper adapter to fit your new shaft into your old driver. Some golfers are purchasing a shaft because theirs broke, but most are looking for the performance benefits that a custom golf shaft can offer. 

Is SST Pure Necessary When Purchasing Custom Golf Shafts? 

When purchasing custom golf shafts from Fairway Jockey, there will be several options that you must make to get your shaft ordered. One of these options is whether or not you would like SST pureing on the shaft that you purchase. 

This is a $30 service that allows golfers to learn the proper orientation for the shaft they will place in their club. Great players that focus heavily on the feel and the precise details of the game of golf will want this SST pure service. 

Even high handicap golfers that are looking to make the game more enjoyable with impressive and increased performance will enjoy the SST pure technology. 

What Information Do I Need To Order Custom Golf Shafts? 

If this is your first time purchasing a custom golf shaft, you may not be sure how this process works. Luckily it is a rather easy process overall. You will need to know the brand of the club you are putting the shaft in, the model of the club, the length of the shaft, whether or not you want SST pure, and the grip you want to be installed on the club. 

The shafts from Fairway Jockey come with a grip installed, and they will already be cut to length. With the included adapter, all you will need to do is install this club into your driver; there are no other adjustments or accommodations necessary. 

One of the great things about this is that if you have a small workshop at home, you may be able to install the golf shaft into your clubs entirely on your own. 


Many golfers are worried about how they will get a new custom golf shaft to work with their current driver head. Luckily the ability to get a matching adapter with every golf shaft purchased from Fairway Jockey makes this process quite a bit easier.


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