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Do I Need To Send In My Irons To Be Re-shafted? (Retro-Build)

Golfers' needs can change when it comes to ball flight, swing weight, speed, and more. Sometimes the best solution is a shaft change. However, the process of having your shafts changed and whether or not this is even worth it can be a source of confusion for players. We will look at the process involved with sending golf irons in to be reshafted, what to expect, and some alternatives for the golf club tinkerers out there. 

Do I Need To Send In My Golf Irons To Get Them Reshafted? 

Most companies will require you to send in your entire set of irons to have them reshafted. There are a few important reasons behind this, with proper shaft installation being the major reason. 

Golf shafts need to be installed properly not just from a safety standpoint but also from a performance standpoint. Many golfers are unaware of the proper way the shaft fits into the club head, which can cause issues with overall performance. 

When golf shafts are not installed properly, it won’t look good for the shaft manufacturer or the club head manufacturer. Companies will protect themselves by requiring you to send your golf irons in to be shafted by a professional like Fairway Jockey. 

Are There Exceptions? 

Although most golf shaft manufacturers require you to send your golf shafts in for re-shafting, there are some exceptions. These exceptions include the brand new True Temper Dynamic Gold Mid Tour Issue. 

True Temper does not approve of many of their shafts like this being sent directly from the manufacturer. This new shaft has a wider midsection for increased stability and impact. In addition, even though this is an X100 golf shaft, it has a higher launch than previous True Temper golf shaft designs. 

Is It Worth Having Golf Irons Reshafted? 

The process of having golf irons reshafted is not a difficult one, but there are costs involved that make many golfers question things. If you are unsure whether this is the right idea for you, it could help to go for a golf fitting. 

Most of the time, golfers will choose to reshaft a golf iron if they have a clubhead just a few years old, but the shaft is no longer a match for their game. If iron club heads are six or seven years older, it may be a better decision to replace the entire club. 

Talking with a club fitting expert can be a great way to decide if iron reshafting is worth it. 

Fairway Jockey Retro Build Process

  1. Customer selects iron, wedge or, putter shaft that they wish to re-shaft with one of their currently owned heads
  2. Customer purchases shaft on Fairway Jockey
  3. Customer Service will email within 1-2 business days to provide you a shipping label
  4. Customer packages and sends in current head with the emailed shipping label
  5. Please wait 3-4 weeks as we prepare your new clubs. The retro build process takes time and we want to ensure a quality build! 


Sending golf irons in to be reshafted is not something that should discourage you from this process. Sending your golf iron shafts in to be reshafted means that the reshafting process will be completed correctly and that your iron performance will be considerably improved. The reshafting process can save you a great deal of money compared to purchasing brand new golf clubs. There are solutions out there to get your golf clubs to work better for your game.


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