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Do I Need To Send In My Putter Head To Be Reshafted?

Golf putter shaft technology is rapidly changing. For many years, there was not much interest in what a putter shaft could do for players, but that has since changed. Putter technology is important to consider, and if you like your putter head, changing the shaft could be an excellent choice to keep the club in play for years to come. However, most golf manufacturers will not ship out a putter shaft for you to replace on your own. Let’s take a look at why this is and why you must send your putter head in to be reshafted. 

Why Do I Have To Send My Putter In To Be Reshafted? 

Golf putters need to be sent to a certified club fitter or manufacturer in order to be reshafted. This is because of the complex nature in adequately fitting a putter shaft into the head. Golf club manufacturers and golf shaft manufacturers agree that when some amateurs try and tinker with a putter, they struggle to get thighs right, and the specifications of the putter are off. 

This can do several bad things for both shaft and club head manufacturers. People start having negative experiences with their products, and there is little quality control. 

How Do I Get A Putter Reshafted? 

The putter head can be reshafted by sending in the entire putter to a certified club repair and customization business like Fairway Jockey. You can work with Fairway Jockey to determine the putter shaft that you would like to put in as well as other specifications that matter to you. 

In addition, when Fairway Jockey puts the putter shaft in place, they will also check the weighting, balance, and alignment of the putter to ensure that it is ready for your use. 

When sending a putter in to be reshafted you can also choose the new grip you want and the playing length that is perfect for your game. 

Is Getting A Putter Reshafted Worth It? 

Most players don’t learn the benefits of reshafting a putter until they go for a putter fitting. The shaft can have a major impact on the feel as well as the stability of the shaft at impact. Putters should be reshafted if they feel as though they are not performing to your standards. Putter shafts can range in price from around $50 to more than $400. With the cost of new putters, sometimes the putter shaft replacement is a great choice. 


Sending your putter in to be reshafted is part of the process. Don’t be concerned about this service as it is actually a benefit to you. In the end, reshafting a putter will only be effective if it is installed properly and the weighting and balance of the club are perfect. Golf club fitting centers have the right technology to ensure that your putter is ready to perform. It’s not worth spending money on a great putter shaft to have it haphazardly installed. 


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