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Do You Need 14 Clubs In Your Bag?

The rules of golf state that we are allowed to have 14 clubs in our bag. Years ago, when there were no rules related to a maximum number of clubs, players carried twenty or more clubs. This was recognized as an unfair advantage, and the limit was set at 14. However, through the years, players have gotten it in their minds that all players need 14 clubs to get the performance they need. Let's look at whether or not you need 14 clubs in your bag. 

Do Golfers Need 14 Clubs In Their Bag? 

The 14 club limit is simply a limit; however, it is not a rule that players need to have 14 clubs in their bag. There are plenty of great golfers that only carry 12 or 13 clubs in their bags. New players may have better luck with just seven clubs in the bag. The key is to find the specific set makeup that works for you. Here are a few things to consider when determining if you need 14 clubs. 


Every club in your golf bag should travel a different distance. If you try and play a golf shot with a 4 iron and a 4 hybrid, and they have the same exact performance, it’s time to take one out of the bag. With 14 spots in the bag to fill, each club should offer a unique performance. 

Distances in the long game tend to get a bit muddled at times. Some players can’t hit a 3 wood any further than they can hit a 5 wood; if this is the case, you likely don’t need both in the bag. 

Loft Gaps

Loft gapping is such an important part of a modern-day set of golf clubs. With the way that golf companies have changed their lofts to give golfers more distance, there is a high probability you have a large loft gap in your bag somewhere. 

Having the lofts on your clubs tested so that you can see exactly how far apart they are and where the gaps and holes are in your bag is a great idea. Fill the loft gaps when needed and eliminate clubs that are duplicates. 

Wedge Game

Years ago, players had two or three wedges in the bag today; it is most common for golfers to have four wedges. If you are struggling to figure out which 14 clubs are the most important to have, consider the wedge game and how important it is to have a variety of wedges in play. 

Most players will have a pitching wedge, approach or gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge. If you are a new player and you have a pitching wedge and sand wedge, that is entirely understandable. Over time you can fill in with more clubs that make sense. 


As you can see, 14 clubs are just the limit. Players need to analyze their clubs and their playing ability to determine if 11 or even 12 clubs could be enough for them. Choose each golf club carefully and ensure that it makes sense to give this club a spot in the bag.


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