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Emiliano Grillo WITB - Charles Schwab Challenge Winner

Emiliano Grillo won the Charles Schwab to capture his second tour victory. Grillo had a rough end to his round but then was able to pull off a victory in the playoff. Grillo is a Callaway player and has Callaway clubs almost throughout his entire set. Grillo has a really positive attitude about his game, the direction his career is headed, and the way he’s striking the ball. Don’t be surprised to see another victory from him, maybe even using these same golf clubs! 


Emiliano Grillo is playing with the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond driver set to 9 degrees of loft. If you watched him play the Charles Schwab, it’s easy to see that he generates a good amount of clubhead speed and power. The shaft in the drier is a Mitsubishi Tensei 1K Blue 60 TX. The Paradym driver is a new release this year, and it has certainly been a good addition for Grillo; however, for the fairway woods, he did not change everything to the Paradym. 

Fairway Woods

For the Charles Schwab, Grillo had two fairway woods in play. The first is a very strong Callaway Rogue with 13.5 degrees of loft. This club features a Project X HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX 70 TX shaft. 

Most golfers have a 3 wood with around 15 degrees of loft, so this is a strong club. 

The 5 wood is a Callaway Paradym with 18 degrees of loft. The shaft in the 5 wood is a Mitsubishi Tensei 1K Blue 80 TX. Slightly heavier than the 3 wood shafts and back to the same feel he has in his Paradym driver. 


Emiliano Grillo plays with the Callaway Apex TCB irons in the 4-9. These feature the Project X 6.0 golf shafts. The TCB has been a very popular choice for golfers on the PGA Tour. The iron combines a great deal of workability without completely having to give up forgiveness. In addition, the feel is impressive on the TCB. 


If you noticed, Emiliano Grillo’s golf irons only went to the 9. He has a 46-degree Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Milled. In addition, the Callaway Mack Daddy Forged in a 50 degree. These clubs both feature the True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts. 

The Callaway wedges blend in quite well with the TCB irons featured throughout the rest of the set. However, then Grillo switches to the Cobra Forged wedges in a 54 and 60 degree. 

The Cobra wedges are the only non Callaway clubs in his set. Grillo’s Cobra forged wedges feature the same shaft that he has in the Callaway. 


Finally, Grillo had a good week with his putter, and it certainly was the club that secured the win at Charles Schwab. He plays with an Odyssey White Hot OG Stroke Lab #5. The putter head is very stable at impact, and the Stroke Lab shaft is customized to fit the needs of Grillo. 

Final Thoughts 

If any of the clubs in Emiliano Grillo’s bag seem as though they would be a good match for your game, take a look at the selection from Fairway Jockey. Your swing speed and physical build may be different than Grillo’s; Fairway Jockey has you covered with shaft, grip, length, and lie customizations on a wide range of golf clubs, including the ones in Elimiano Grillo’s bag. 


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