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Epon AF-306 Custom Irons

Epon is a smaller golf club manufacturer that will only release clubs when they feel as though they have made a breakthrough in the golf industry. The latest release from Epon is the Epon AF-306. The AF-306 is a player's iron, like most of the other irons from the Epon lineup, but it has quite a bit more forgiveness. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about the Epon AF-306 and who it is for. 

Epon AF-306 Features and Benefits

The Epon AF-306 has some unique features and benefits and was a highly anticipated release from Epon. One of the things that will stand out right from the start is the impressive top line and reduced offset without the loss of forgiveness. 

Forging Process

Epon has a unique forging process that was developed close to 50 years ago. The irons are manufactured in a Japanese facility where Epon aims to have the club be an extension of a person's body. The golfer and the club should feel as though they are working together as opposed to against each other when using the Epon golf irons. 

Custom Fitting Only 

It’s hard to find a set of Epon golf irons because they must be custom fitted. This is not a set of clubs that you can grab off the shelf. The technology is designed to work with those that appreciate a perfectly fitted golf shaft, grip, and lie loft combination. 

Reduced Offset and a Thinner SOle 

The new AF-306 has a reduced offset and a much thinner sole than previous models. The result is plenty of workability and a great feel. Overall, these irons, especially the short irons, will do what you want them to do. The key is to get the perfect shaft combination for your needs, and the rest, the iron head, will do for you. 

Tungsten Metal Materials 

The Epon AF-306 uses more tungsten in the club head than previous models. The use of tungsten allowed for the movement of the center of gravity, a higher launching club, and more MOI at impact. Even though these are players' irons, the benefits that tungsten weighting can provide will help all players to shoot lower scores. 

Who Should Play the Epon AF-306? 

The Epon AF-306 is a player's iron with an incredible feel but a bit more forgiveness mixed in. This is not a true blade, but it is a forged iron club head that will help the player looking for a thin top line, reduced offset, and a bit of extra forgiveness. 

Where To Buy The Epon AF-306? 

Fairway Jockey is one of the few golf manufacturers that will offer the Epon irons for sale. With Epon being very particular about the fitting of their golf clubs, it can be hard to find a manufacturer that has the proper knowledge to fit for a set of these clubs. The qualified fighting professionals at Fairway Jockey are well versed in the Epon golf irons, and all that must be determined before building your set. 


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