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Evnroll Neo Classics

Designed by the visionary Guerin Rife, the Evnroll Neo Classics putters redefine the art of putting with their unique features and attention to detail.

The Groove Advantage

Guerin Rife's decades of expertise shine through as he explains the science behind the grooves, ensuring a consistent forward roll and tighter directional dispersion. The strategic placement of grooves softens the hit in the middle while progressively making it harder away from the center, resulting in an even roll every time.
For this latest lineup, the Neo Classics employ a milled aluminum face insert with grooves, backed by a vibration-absorbing polymer. This not only provides a softer feel but also redistributes weight for increased stability through enhanced heel, toe, and perimeter weighting.

Weighted Excellence

The Neo Classics' solid sole weights, manufactured through a metal injection molding process, ensure a solid sound and feel. Ranging from 12.5 grams (steel) to 42.5 grams (tungsten), these weights allow for precise customization based on shaft length, player preferences, or fitting requirements.
Achieve a constant swing weight for a better product, as Rife emphasizes. The Neo Classics' sole weights enable players to experiment with different settings, providing instant feedback on stroke improvement, whether through a weight change or a complete model adjustment.

Five Friendly Faces

Explore the diverse range of five well-known designs within the Neo Classics line, each bearing the new Evnroll script logo on the sole. From the ER1.2's classic blade to the ER5's fang-style mallet, there's a putter for every preference.
  • ER1.2: Classic blade with a longer heel-to-toe shape and traditional plumber-neck hosel.
  • ER2: Compact blade with a wider front-to-back profile, featuring a single-bend shaft for a slight toe hang.
  • ER2.2: Merges the compact shaping of ER2 with the plumber-neck hosel of ER1.2.
  • ER5: Gently rounded fang-style mallet with a parallel central cavity.
  • ER8: Traditional half-mallet with a tapered design and longest aiming line among NeoClassics models.


The Evnroll Neo Classics putters offer a groundbreaking combination of innovation, customization, and consistency. Elevate your putting experience with these meticulously crafted instruments, designed to meet the diverse needs of golfers seeking precision on the greens. Choose Evnroll Neo Classics—where tradition meets cutting-edge technology for a putt above the rest.


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