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Evnroll Putter Special

With the release of the new Evnroll series of putters, some of the older models have dropped in price. The great thing about these price drops is that the technology found in the Evnroll putter is still just as impressive as it was last week! More and more golfers are realizing the benefit of investing in a golf putter that feels great, has impressive performance, and is custom fit to their needs. Let’s take a look at some of these Evnroll putters and see if one could be a fit for you. 

Evnroll Putter Special from Fairway Jockey

Select Evnroll putters are 30% or more off since the release of the new Evnroll line. In addition to the fair pricing, the Evnroll putters are also coming with a free divot tool and custom grip. To sweeten the deal, you can get these clubs in your golf bag much quicker than you can get the newest releases which won’t even ship until February. Here are the models that this special applies to: 

Evnroll Er2V

The Er2V is a blade-style putter with a 303 stainless steel head. This putter features a few different hosel connections, but most are going to look for something that helps to reduce over-rotation of the putter head. Golfers will find that a blade-style putter like this is often a great solution for faster greens. 

Evnroll Er5V

The Evnroll Er5V features Sweet Face Technology with impressive milled grooves and an accurate and consistent design. This is a mallet-style model with two small dots on either side of the center alignment to help players get things lined up properly. 

The winged mallet has a hatched out center section that gives the putter a lighter overall look but still allows for stability in the club head. 

Evnroll Er8V

If a more traditional mallet putter head seems to be a better fit for you, the Evnroll Er8V is one of the best options to consider. This is a classic midsized blade putter with an impressive feel and a 303 stainless steel head. 

Expect the Er8V to feature the same Sweet Face Technology that we see in the rest of this putter line and the newest lineup from Evnroll. 

Evnroll Er10V

The Evnroll Er10V putter is a classic heel-toe weighted flange blade. This is a tour-level blade style putter designed for a golfer that likes a slightly longer blade design. 

Final Thoughts 

Now is the time to take advantage of these putter specials from Evnroll. The Evnroll putters have never been offered for this price point and throwing in the custom grip, and divot tool makes this an even better time to get your Evnroll putter from Fairway Jockey. Putter technology doesn’t change quite as quickly as iron or driver technology. If it's been a few years since you have updated, now may be the time to get yourself a new Evnroll putter. The ability to choose a hosel connection and grip will make the Evnroll R series putter feel like it's built for your game.


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