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Evnroll V-Series Putters

The Evnroll putters have taken putter fitting and putter precision to a level that no other company has. With the Evnroll putters, every golfer can get a club in their hands that is perfectly suited to their needs. With the V Series of putters from Evnroll, you will notice that there are six very popular designs from the company offered in multiple hosel designs. This is a new concept and gives golfers much more control over the look, feel, and performance of the putter they are using. Here are the things to know about the V Series putters. 

Why do Hosels Matter In Putter Selection? 

The hosel of your golf putter is designed to help you get to a square position at impact. If you have the proper hosel setup and design, you will be able to increase overall consistency on the course. The long hosel reduces the toe hang and helps players that push the ball when they putt. 

Mid hosel will reduce the toe hang, but it's designed for players that want to keep things very neutral when they putt. The short hosel is essentially the opposite of the long hosel, and it will have more toe hang for golfers that pull the ball to the left. 

Evnroll V Series Putter Hosel Options 

The Evnroll V Series allows you to choose a putter head that is appealing to you and then match it with one of these hosels to ensure better precision and control. 

Inline Slant

The inline short slant helps players that need more toe hang and better face rotation. If you keep your putter face a bit too open at impact, the inline slant helps to fix the issue. 

Short Slant

The short slant putters have a good deal of toe hang and a very clean-looking design. Beter players that like the look of the hosel connecting directly into the putter head will enjoy this Evenroll V Series hosel choice. 

Short Plumber

If you are a player that does better with an offset putter head, the short plumber is a perfect solution. This putter has reduced toe hang and less face rotation than other hosel options from Evenroll. 

Long Plumber

For the putter, that benefits from the straight back, and straight through putting style, the long plumber hosel connection is a great choice. There is very little toe hang and a vertical full shaft offset presentation. 

Long Slant

The long slant is good for those that need more offset and more loft.


Custom putter fitting is becoming a bigger deal in the world of golf, and it is easy to see why this is such an important feature for players. With a custom-fit putter, you will have no trouble using your natural stroke and still making putts. Putting is the part of the game where you must be most consistent; if you don’t have the right putter, this is going to become incredibly difficult to manage. Evnroll has made great strides in increasing the number of putter options they have with these latest V Series releases.

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