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Fairway Jockey Black Friday Specials

It’s that time of year again when you will be looking for the best deals for the golfers in your life. At the same time, chances are you won’t mind finding a few deals for yourself. We have put together some really great Black Friday specials that will run from November 23, 2022 to November 28th, 2022.

Miura Black Friday Special

Select Miura golf clubs will be 25% off during the Miura Black Friday special. This is a special sale to look out for. Not only are there very few retailers that stock Miura golf clubs, they rarely go on sale. The clubs that you can expect 25% off of include: 

  • CB-301
  • IC-601
  • Tour Wedge High Bounce
  • KM1 Putter
  • KM2 Putter
  • KM 3 Putter


Now has never been a better time to jump on the Miura train. These irons are made with precision, feel, and consistency at the forefront. 

Alignment Ball Training Aid

The Alignment Ball Training aid is a unique tool similar to an alignment stick but much more versatile. With the alignment ball training aid, you can work on everything from your putting stroke to your alignment on the golf course. 

The deal for Black Friday is that you can purchase two and get one free. This tool is unique and new to the market, so there is a good chance your friends don’t already have it. This makes a great gift for players, and then you can keep the free one for yourself! 

The number of drills and uses for the Alignment Ball Training Aid is impressive. Whether you are looking for a gift for a new player or a more advanced golfer, this tool can work. 

Fairway Jockey Custom Club Special

The biggest Black Friday special is a sale on custom golf clubs. This sale includes 15% off custom golf clubs. If you have been putting off the custom club's purchase for quite some time, this could save you hundreds of dollars. 

In addition to the custom club special, we are also offering a special with any shaft purchase. Purchase any shaft, and we will throw in the tip and the grip. This means your shaft will work with your current golf club head, and you have a grip that feels good in your hands right out of the box. 

This is a large saving; depending on the type of club you currently own, the adapters range from $25 to $55. 

Final Thoughts

Fairway Jockey offers fair pricing and great specials all year long. In addition, we have a great selection of custom shaft options and fitting characteristics. There is no reason to be using a golf club that is not specifically fit your needs as a player. With the help of the Black Friday special and the experts at Fairway Jockey, you or the golfers in your life could greatly benefit from some of the newest and most impressive equipment on the market. 

Take advantage of this sale from November 23rd to November 28th; all orders placed during this time are eligible. 

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