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Fairway Jockey Holiday Flash Sale

It’s crunch time! Final holiday preparations are here, and there may still be some people still left on your list to buy for. Fairway Jockey has you covered with this holiday flash sale. Whether you are looking for a way to spend your holiday bonus or want to help someone in your life get the irons that will take their game to the next level, Fairway Jockey is the place to get it done. 

What Is The Fairway Jockey Holiday Flash Sale? 

The holiday flash sale offers 15% off all custom irons from 12/19 to 12/25. With the holiday flash sale, you can put together a complete set of custom irons with grips, shafts, lie and loft adjustments and then benefit from 15% off the total price. 

For a set of $2000 custom golf irons, you will save $300. This is enough to add another wedge or a new putter in with your custom irons! 

Why Buy Custom Irons From Fairway Jockey? 

There are plenty of locations that offer custom irons for sale. However, there are some differences in the way each will conduct business. Here are some things that help Fairway Jockey stand out as the best spot to purchase custom golf irons. 

Large Selection 

With one of the largest selections of golf equipment in the industry, you will have no problem finding the clubs you need on the Fairway Jockey website. Everything from beginner to professional-level clubs are offered. 

Knowledgeable Staff 

Our staff can help ensure that you get the golf clubs you need for your game. In addition to being able to submit your specs to ensure the proper clubs are ordered, you also have the option for a $50 fitting by phone. If you want to ask questions about the specifics of shafts and whether they will fit you, the phone fitting is a great choice. 

Fair Pricing 

Fairway Jockey aims to provide fair pricing to all customers. The 15% off holiday flash sale is an example of this. Many online golf retailers never give a sale on custom golf irons. However, we know that custom is what all players need and want. 

Submit Specs 

Perhaps the most impressive benefit of the Fairway Jockey custom irons is the assistance you get when you use the submit specs features. If you were recently fitted for a set of irons, simply show us those results, and we will put together the exact set you need, with a 15% reduction in the price. 

Now that’s hard to find! 

Final Thoughts 

The Fairway Jockey Holiday Flash Sale ends on 12/25. Now is the time to take advantage of all of these great savings and ensure you have your new irons in place for the 2023 golf season. There were some great releases in 2022, and they are all still available for custom fitting on the Fairway Jockey website. Whether you need beginner or professional-style golf irons, we have a wide range of equipment to fit your needs. 


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