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Forme Apparel: What Can It Do For Your Game?

At Fairway Jockey, we are always looking for new releases and golf technology that can help improve your game. The Forme line of clothing is an incredibly unique apparel brand designed to correct posture and treat spinal-related conditions. If you have been around the golf course for even just a few months, chances are you have seen how golf can impact the spin and how proper posture can mean everything in a great golf swing. 

What Is Forme Apparel? 

Forme is a clothing manufacturer in the United States that creates FDA-registered clothing designed for back support and posture correction. The concept here is that by wearing Forme apparel, you will improve your posture and suffer from fewer conditions related to poor posture. 

When wearing Forme apparel, you are doing much more than clothing yourself; you are benefiting from the technological features of the particular clothing piece. 

What Does Forme Apparel Do For Golfers? 

The Forme Apparel was originally designed by an orthopedic surgeon. The concept is to help improve overall posture and reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain. With so many people using cell phones and computers, posture has become a significant issue in recent years. 

The way that golfers have to adjust their spine angle and then swing with great speed, there is always a chance for injury. Forme apparel will help with muscle memory engagement and improve your whole body alignment. 

Forme apparel is not restrictive for golfers and is instead supportive. 

Forme Apparel at Fairway Jockey 

We have a complete line of Forme apparel for golfers to select from, but the Ace Polo is the signature option for golfers. This shirt will look like a traditional golf polo, but it has much more to it than that. 

FDA Registered Posture Correcting Golf Shirt

The Forme Ace Polo is one of a kind. Golfers can use the shirt to help improve posture and eliminate issues with neck stiffness and back pain. In addition to wearing the Forme Ace Polo to golf, it's great for travel and work. 

Dual Layer Polo 

From the outside, the Ace Polo from Forme looks like any other golf shirt. Available in several colors and with a professional and polished look, it can be worn anywhere. 

The inside of the shirt offers the following: 

  • Biomechanical advantages for keeping your shoulders back 
  • Synchronization of shoulder blades
  • Improving thoracic spine rotation 
  • Spine muscle training 
  • Increased relaxation of neck and upper back 

Think of the benefits that a pain-free round of golf can bring you. Forme will have you swinging with confidence, knowing that you are protected and aligned. 

Final Thoughts 

Don’t let poor posture or the fear of back pain keep you off the golf course. Now you can get all the benefits from the wearable technology from Forme. The options include everything from socks to shorts to sports bra technology for women. Regardless of where your support is needed, Forme has you covered. In addition, many of the pieces can be worn under your traditional golf gear as an additional layer of help. 


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