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Fujikura Speeder NX Wood Shaft

The Fujikura Speeder shafts have been trusted options for a wide range of golfers. However, the golfers with higher swing speeds that demand performance in the long game, tend to gravitate towards the Fujikura Speeder golf shafts. With a new release like this Fujikura Speeder NX it is worth taking a look to see if this could be a good fit for your golf game. Overall, the Fujikura Speeder NX Wood shaft will have more technology and higher performance than the previous models. Let’s take a look at all that you should know about this golf shaft, and whether or not it is a good fit for your game. 

Fujikura Speeder NX Wood Shaft: Features and Benefits

One thing that is a bit different about the world of golf shafts is that the equipment does not change all that often. In fact, unlike club heads, the golf shafts often tstya on the market for many years without experiencing any changes. Therefore the fact that it has been eight years since the Speeder Evolution series has changed really says something about the brand. The new design was a welcome change for those that wanted more distance and easier performance. 


The Enso technology is used to help determine if a golf club’s shaft is performing the way that it should be through impact. The ENSO system helps the Fujikura shaft designers get very accurate information about the way the shaft is performing and the way that it impacts the trajectory of the golf shot. The 3D motion capture system is highly advanced and sets the Fujikuar name apart. 


VTC or Variable Torque Core is another new feature in the Speeder NX Wood Shaft from Fujikura. The idea here is that by increasing the torque in the tip and the hand of the club goflers can get higher ball speed and higher trajector.

The increase of torque is a good thing, however it needs to be properly balanced and calculated in order to give golfers the performance that they need in their shots. VTC also allowed for an increas in the loft angle resulting in better ball flight and stability. 

Who Should Play The Fujikura Speeder NX Shaft? 

Now that you have a better idea as to what the new Fujikura Speeder NX Wood Shaft has to offer, its time to determine if this is a golf club shaft that could work for your game. The Fujikura Speeder NX Wood Shaft is not for a specific handicap group; instead, it is for golfers looking for specific performance.

The Speeder NX Is known for having stability at the impact that allows for a high initial velocity. In addition the trajectory is going to be relatively high and stable. If you are looking for more distance in your golf game without feeling as though you are swinging hard or fast, the Speeder NX is a great golf club to consider. 

There are also four models that the shaft is offered in. They have different weights—allowing golfers with all different strengths and abilities to take advantage of the stability and consistency of speed that the Speeder NX Shaft offers.

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