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Fujikura Ventus Red Shaft: All You Need To Know

Fujikura Ventus Red Features

The new Fujikura Ventus Red features the brand new Velocore Technology. The Velocore is a unique multi-material construction that will help the shaft to be more stable at impact. 

A more stable golf shaft during the impact will increase MOI and smash factor. In addition, the feel of the shot is going to be quite a bit better as well. Golfers often forget that the energy you create and build up in your swing needs to be transferred to the golf ball. 

The part of the club capable of transferring this energy is the shaft. 

In addition to the brand new Velocore technology, the Pitch 70 Ton Carbon fiber was also incorporated into the club. This fiber is known to be 150% stronger and more stable than other options on the market. Essentially, you can gain quite a bit of extra speed when using something like this in your club. 

Difference Between Fujikura Ventus Blue and Fujikura Ventus Red

Within the Fujikura Ventus Blue series, golfers had decisions to make about weight and flex. This kept people happy for quite some time; however, there was not much that could be done about the overall launch of the shaft. This is where the Ventus Black and the Ventus Red came to be. 

The Fujikura Ventus Red is built to be a mid-high launch. The Ventus Blue is a mid-launch, and the Black is going to be the low launch. Typically speaking, as your driver clubhead speed decreases, you will need more launch coming from the shaft. 

The addition of the Fujikura Ventus Red to the product line has made it much easier for players that need a higher ball flight to choose this premium shaft. 

Who Should Play With The Fujikura Ventus Red Shaft? 

There is no denying the fact that this new Fujikura shaft fills a void in the marketplace. With the addition of the Ventus Red, you will be able to get much higher ball flights from both your driver and your fairway wood. 

In fact, with this technology and the options to purchase the Fujikura Ventus Red in some very lightweight options (as low as 58g), this could be the perfect shaft for the difficult-to-hit three wood you have been hiding in your golf bag. 

Always make sure to choose the proper flex and weight combination for your game. There are eight different choices just within the Ventus Red shaft options. 

With golf drivers, it is essential to understand that the golf shaft is just as important as the golf club head. If you are looking at purchasing a new $500 driver, chances are the cost of the shaft makes up a good portion of this total club cost. High-end shafts give golfers more distance, performance, and feel than a cheap run-of-the-mill option. The Fujikura Ventus Blue golf shaft has been on the market for several years and is a popular choice in many of the top drivers out there. However, the Fujikura Ventus Red is a brand new release that brings an even better option for many golfers. 


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