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Fujikura Ventus TR Red

The Fujikura Ventus golf shafts have continually remained leaders both on the PGA Tour and for amateur players. Just a few months back, we saw a release of the Fujikura Ventus TR Blue, a low spin option that has become increasingly popular. Now Fujikura is offering pre-orders in the Ventus TR Red. If you have been considering changing your golf shafts in your woods and drivers, it may help to see what these have to offer. 

Features and Benefits of Fujikura Ventus Red

The main goal of this entire Ventus TR series is to lower launch and spin by increasing torsional stiffness. Through the research that Fujikura Ventus did before developing the TR series, they found that this is the area that most golfers need the most. 

Venus Red vs. Ventus TR Red

The Fujikura Ventus TR Red is a slight modification of the original Fujikura Red shaft. The idea here was to not lose the benefits of the Ventus REd but instead to improve upon them. This was done by adding a composite fabric in the handle section. The composite fabric has very little weight but impacts overall spin and launch characteristics. 

When designing and developing golf shafts, it often doesn't take much to be able to improve performance and launch characteristics. A slight change can have an enormous impact. 

Launch and Spin Profile 

While the original Fujikura Red shaft has a high spin and high launch, the TR Red brings down both the launch and the spin. The launch of the new TR Red is more mid launch and mid spin. Some golfers find that the overall launch of the TR Red is still categorized as being high. 

It's important to consider here that the launch and spin profile will be impacted by the player just as much as the club. One golfer may find that this is a mid spin shaft, while another could have trouble controlling the spin. 

Flex Options

The Ventus TR Red is available in regular stiff and extra stiff options, and they begin shipping at the end of August. In addition to these flex options, the TR Red from Fujikura also has a few different weights within each of the flexes for golfers to choose from. 

Soft Tip Section 

The Fujikura Ventus TR Red has the softest tip section of any of the Fujikura TR shafts. This helps players looking for a bit more stability in the performance at impact. A softer tip section on the TR Red also increases the control of the spin. 


As you can see, the increase in Torsional stiffness in the TR Red series has, without a doubt, opened up a new line of options for players looking for that feedback and precision that Tour players demand. The Fujikura TR lineup has options for all golfers regardless of swing speed and playing ability, and the wood and driver choices make this a choice that could work throughout your entire long game.


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