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Fujikura Ventus TR Wood Shaft

One of the great things about all of the golf shaft technology that comes to market each year is the fact that you do not need to change out your entire golf club to experience some extra distance or forgiveness in your woods. A quick change of a shaft can have you on your way to an entirely new golf game. One of the most highly sought-after golf shafts for a wood in 2022 is the Fujikura Ventus TR Wood shaft. This is a new release, and with the performance that we have seen from the Fujikura Ventus series over the years, this is a shaft to look out for. 

Features and Benefits of the Fujikura Ventus TR Wood Shaft

The Fujikura Ventus TR Wood shaft is the latest release in the Fujikura series. Fujikura continues to improve on performance and ensure that they have the latest and greatest technology for a golfer. With the new Ventus TR, you will find mid-launch and low spin, something that the current Ventus lineup was missing. 

VeloCore Technology 

VeloCore technology is something that we have seen across the Ventus series. The idea here is that when a player gets to the impact position, the golf shaft will be really stable. The stability is what allows for extra consistency and extended distance. VeloCore technology will appeal to those looking for specific performance and a bit more control in their golf clubs. 

Spread Tow Fabric

The Spread Tow Fabric is a new addition to the Ventus TR. This is a carbon fabric that is worked in with the VeloCore technology to allow for an extra layer of stability without adding more weight or difficulty to the golf shaft. Essentially you can get the shaft to perform how you want at impact without having to give up on that great feeling we have come to know with the Fujikura lineup. 

Enso Analytics

Golf shaft companies like Fujikura do a lot of product testing. This testing results in some interesting information that allows them to know where the weaknesses are for the golfers. 

The Enso Analytics have shown that golfers struggle with the transition and downsizing and basically trying to keep the club as controlled as possible. With the Ventus, TR golfers will find the extra Spread Tow Fabric in the mid section of the shaft to help improve performance. This encourages golfers to have a reduced twisting and more consistency in their game. 

Who Needs The Fujikura Ventus TR Wood Shaft? 

The most important about deciding if a shaft is for you is looking at your current golf game and trying to be honest with yourself about the performance that you can get. The Fujikura Ventus TR Wood Shaft is a low spin mid launch golf shaft. Regardless of the weight or flex that you purchase, you can expect low spin. 

For the most part, a mid launch low spin shaft is typically a good choice for a mid to low handicap player with a bit more club head speed. This shaft will bring the ball flight down to a slightly better launch angle and improve control.


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