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Graphite Design Tour AD GC Wood Shaft

Get ready to elevate your game with the latest innovation from Graphite Design. Brand new for 2025, the Tour AD GC wood shaft, aptly named "Game Changer," is set to revolutionize your golfing experience.

Aesthetic and Build

Manufactured in Japan, these shafts boast a stunning pearl white finish adorned with bronze and orange accents, completed with a gloss clear coat that not only looks sleek but also adds durability. The Tour AD GC isn't just about looks; it’s crafted from premium, aerospace-quality carbon-fiber materials, ensuring top-notch performance.

Versatility and Specifications

The Tour AD GC wood shafts cater to a variety of players, available in multiple weights and flexes to match different swing styles:

  • 40g: R2, R1, S
  • 50g: R2, R1, S, X
  • 60g: SR, S, X, TX
  • 70g: S, X, TX
  • 80g: X

Performance Features

Engineered for excellence, the Tour AD GC features a stiff butt section, a firm center, and a firm+ tip. This construction promotes mid launch angles and low/mid to mid ball spin rates, ideal for achieving optimal distance and control.

Advanced Material Technology

Graphite Design has integrated AD SHIELD material technology with TORAYCA® M40X in the handle, providing a stiff yet smooth feel. Additionally, the use of TORAYCA® T1100G in the tip offers unparalleled stability and precise control, all while maintaining the exceptional feel that Graphite Design shafts are renowned for.


The Graphite Design Tour AD GC wood shaft is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a game changer. Whether you're a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic amateur, this shaft is designed to enhance your performance and help you achieve your best game yet. With its advanced technology, versatile options, and stunning design, the Tour AD GC is set to be a must-have for golfers in 2025.

Experience the future of golf shafts with the Graphite Design Tour AD GC – where innovation meets performance.

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