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Graphite Design Tour AD HD: Who Should Play It?

Graphite Design Tour AD HD Features and Benefits

Graphite Design uses some of the more advanced golf shaft technology on the market. If you like golf shafts that have been thoroughly researched and perfected, this is an option that you are going to enjoy. 

M40X Carbon Fiber

The material used to make the new Graphite Design Tour AD HD Shafts is done with the TORAYCA technology. This material is about 30% stronger in the mid to tip section of the shaft. The strength comes in both the compression and the flex of the shaft. Interestingly even though the shaft is stronger, which would appeal to the higher swing speed player, it is also lighter in weight. The end result is lots of speed and a ball flight that can be controlled. 

Mid Launch Conditions 

The Graphite Design Tour AD HD is known to have a one-piece style feel. This means that regardless of the clubhead that you put into play, it will feel as though the club and shaft are united as one. This one-piece feel is the goal of any high-end golf shaft, but it is very noticeable with the Graphite Design Tour AD HD. 

Fast Taper Technology 

Fast Taper Technology or FTT is what helps with the stability at the impact position. One of the signs of a great golf shaft is a very stable impact position where golfers get the feel they need to control their shots. If you are a player that wants to start placing your drives or fairway woods in specific locations around the course, this FTT will help you do so. 

Low Spin 

Low to mid spin rates are ideal for most golfers when it comes to a tee shot. With a low to mid spin rate, you are going to be able to maximize the distance and keep the shots a bit more controlled off the tee as well. Higher swing speed players that generate a lot of clubhead speed will benefit from the lower spin. 

Who Should Play The Graphite Design Tour AD HD? 

One of the best things about the Graphite Design Tour AD HD is that it will appeal to so many different player types. If you are looking for mid-launch and low spin, the Graphite Design Tour AD HD is a great choice. Since this is a lighter-weight golf shaft with premium materials, mid to high swing speeds will find the most benefit. If you have never experimented with different types of golf shafts in your woods, the Graphite Design Tour AD HD is the perfect place to start.

With all the new equipment that comes to market each year, many people forget to consider the shafts to pair with the clubheads. Sometimes all it takes is a new golf shaft to make some significant changes in your golf game. The Graphite Design Tour golf shafts have continually shown that they can perform for the top golfers in the world. One of their best options out there is the Graphite Design Tour AD HD. This is a premium-level golf shaft, and there are some significant reasons why this technology is worth considering. 


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