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Graphite Design Tour AD IZ Review

What Is The Graphite Design Tour AD IZ

The Graphite Design Tour AD IZ is a new driver and fairway wood shaft that will give golfers a ton of distance and forgiveness without taking away accuracy. The IZ abbreviation stands for “Into The Zone” clearly; this is something all golfers are looking to do when swinging their long game shafts. 

The Tour AD wood shafts use aerospace materials during their production. The 50t carbon fiber helps to make the shafts feel better, even on those shots that you miss just slightly. 

Benefits of Graphite Design Tour AD IZ

There are a few key benefits that really make the Tour AD IZ stand out. 

Multi-Material Construction 

The shaft is made by blending a few different materials and fibers. This multi-material construction allows for a greater variety of player benefits. The grip section of the club is a bit firm. In the midsection, you will get a soft feel and then a bit firmer near the tip. This combination allows for maximum load and energy transfer in the shaft. 

High Balance Point 

The Graphite Design Tour AD IZ has a high balance point. The great thing about this is that it allows for a golfer to play with a heavy golf club and still get the swing speed they desire. This is especially important for players that need some extra distance in their long game. Who wouldn’t mind a few extra yards. 

Weights and Flexes

Sometimes it is frustrating when a new shaft comes to market, and the weight and flex options are very limited. When you want to put a new shaft in your bag, but there just isn’t a fit for your swing, there is really no way around it. 

With the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ, you will not have to worry; there are enough weight and flex options to create about 14 different models of this shaft. Indeed there is a fit for your golf game somewhere in this mix. 

Who Should Play With Graphite Design Tour AD IZ?

The question always comes down to whether or not the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ will be a smart club for you to put in your golf bag. The golfer that will benefit from this shaft the most is the player that wants long-distance, ball control, an excellent feel, and plenty of stability at impact.  

If all of those features will impact your game, the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ is an excellent option to look into. You can purchase this shaft with an adapter to fit directly into your current golf club. 

The Graphite Design Tour AD IZ is causing some golfers to think about changing up their long game shafts this season. Considering the technology incorporated into this shaft, we can certainly understand why. The new Graphite Design Tour AD IZ is without a doubt one of the most high-performing and premium shafts on the market at the moment. If you are not sure whether or not this shaft is worth your investment, we have all you need to know. 


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