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Harris English WITB - Travelers Championship Winner


The latest Ping driver on the market is the Ping G425. This driver is a top-selling and has impressive distance and forgiveness benefits. However, Harris did not make the jump up to this new club. In fact, he is playing with the Ping G400 that was released several years ago. Harris has a Mitsubishi Kuro Kage XD 70 X shaft in place. The G400 works quite well for Harris, and he gets incredible distance, especially for playing technology that is now a few years old. 


English keeps things relatively simple when it comes to the longer clubs in the bag. He has a Ping G400 3 wood set to 14.5 degrees, and it has a Fujikura Atmos Blue Tour Spec 7 X shaft. The other distance club in the bag is the Ping G410 Crossover at 20 degrees. 


Potentially the cleanest and best-looking iron in the Ping lineup is the Ping Blueprint iron. English plays the 4-9 iron in the Blueprint seriously. He has a True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 in each of these clubs. Overall the Ping Blueprint irons are all about precision, and that is something Harris English does quite well.


If you noticed that the long game clubs in Harris English’s bag were a bit more limited, it would make room for the wedges. Harris English is a player that likes to have the proper tools to attack a green. He chooses the Ping Glide series of wedges to ensure that he can control both spin and feel. 

The Ping Glide 3.0 is featured in English’s bag in the 46, 52, and 56-degree options. He also carries a 60 degree Ping Glide Forged. Combining these wedges with the impressive Blueprint irons makes for a very exacting set of golf clubs. 


The putter in Harris English’s bag is a Ping Scottsdale Hohum. This is a mallet-style putter that sits very flat to the ground. The alignment lines on the Hohum are one of the things that make it stand out. Players will have a very easy to visualize what their putt needs to do. Harris English is a player that works exceptionally hard on the mental aspect of the game and visualization; this putter could not be a better choice for him. 

As you can see, the equipment in Harris English’s bag is available for golfers of all playing abilities to try. The question becomes whether or not you are good enough to hit them as well as English.

After making it through an eight-hole playoff at the Travelers Championship, there is no questioning that the clubs in Harris English’s golf bag work well for him. English plays an excellent game, and he is a player that seems almost unaffected by both good and bad shots. A golfer that is calm like this needs a classic and reliable set of clubs. What better company to offer that than Ping. Harris English is sponsored by Ping, and he has put together a perfect set of clubs to work for his playing style. Let’s take a look at what Harris English is carrying in his golf bag. 


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