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How Do Golf Shaft Weights Affect Your Ball Path?

Many players make the mistake of underestimating the importance of a club’s shaft. However, a shaft’s weight and how it is engineered have a direct impact on the ball’s flight. 

Knowing which shaft weight works best for your game and your goals can make all the difference in your performance on the course. Even the slightest shift in a shaft’s weight, or how flexible or stiff it is, can result in an immediate change to the ball’s flight.

The effect of a shaft that’s too light. 

A shaft that’s too light can increase the speed of the ball. While some believe that higher club speeds will always contribute to longer distances, a shaft that’s too light may cause the ball’s flight to arc more upward than it should, which will decrease the potential yardage that the ball can travel. 

This impacts the control of the ball, contributing to high spin rates. This can also harm the accuracy of a ball’s flight, as well as the probability of hitting the ball in the first place. Shafts that are too light are more likely to lead to air shots.

The effect of a shaft that’s too heavy. 

When a club has a shaft that’s too heavy, the speed of the ball may be reduced. In line with speed, the distance of the ball will be lessened, too, as the ball will take on a lower arc in its flight. 

Similar to what happens when a shaft is too light, the ball will have higher spin rates, too. However, players may experience less air shots because of the feel awarded from a heavier shaft.

The effect of a shaft that’s just right.

Ideally, a shaft should be the right weight to aid in speed, distance, accuracy, and stability. There is no one magical weight for a shaft because every player is different. What’s too light for one player may be too heavy for another, which is why getting fitted is so important. Different aftermarket shaft brands and models offer varying weights.

Finding Your Perfect Shaft

At Fairway Jockey, we feature dozens of today’s most high performing shafts, with the option to customize each to your liking and specifications. If you lack clarity as to which shaft is best for your game (and the weights of each shaft featured on our site), we recommend scheduling a chat with one of our certified fitters via phone. These one-on-one, thirty minute calls will help you find the right shaft for you, so you can have confidence in your shaft’s ability to aid your game.


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