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How Does The Fairway Jockey Trade-In Program Work?

Are you ready for a new set of golf clubs but don’t know what to do with the old set? Fairway Jockey can help. We have partnered with 2nd Swing to help make the trade-in process even simpler than ever before. Following the simple trade-in program is easy regardless of your location or technological ability. Let’s take an in-depth look at how the Fairway Jockey trade-in program works and how you can benefit from this great service. 

Fairway Jockey Trade-In Program: Step by Step

There are three steps to the Fairway Jockey trade-in program, which are incredibly easy to follow. In addition, you will be able to track the progress and get a notification when your credit is available in the Fairway Jockey store. 

Step 1: Discover Value

The most important factor that all golfers want to know is how much their clubs are worth. Remember that used golf clubs are not going to be worth as much as new equipment but depending on the condition and age of the club, there are some high trade-in amounts for certain golf clubs. 

On the Fairway Jockey trade-in website, simply put in information about the manufacturer and model, and you will quickly populate the value of your current golf clubs and what they are worth. Even equipment that is more than five years old is accepted as part of the Fairway Jockey trade-in program. 

Step 2: Send In The Clubs 

Once you have collected the values of the clubs, you can then send them in to be inspected. As long as you were honest about the condition from the start, there will be no issues with the inspection. The clubs are not sent to Fairway Jockey but instead to 2nd Swing. 

The experts at 2nd Swing will then let Fairway Jockey know the total amount of credit to put into your account. The shipping costs to send your golf clubs in will be $9.99; this is standard for each box of clubs you send in. 

Step 3: Get Your Credit and Your New Clubs

After your clubs have been received and the credit is finalized, the value goes into your account on the Fairway Jockey website. Once the credits are in the account, you can shop for new custom clubs from Fairway Jockey and apply any of your credits. 

How Long Does This Process Take? 

Most golfers find that this process takes about ten days total. Your clubs must leave your home and make it to 2nd Swing. Once at 2nd Swing, it will take about 5-7 days to analyze them and get your credit over to your Fairway Jockey account. A good estimate is about 10-12 days, but it can happen faster based on shipping and the availability of staff. 


The partnership between 2nd Swing and Fairway Jockey makes it easy to trade in your old equipment and apply that credit towards brand new clubs. If you have discovered that your current set is no longer the best fit for your game, this option is a very smart and cost effective way to get the right clubs in your hands.

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