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How Many Hybrids Does The Average Golfer Need?

The average golfer is always trying to figure out what set makeup would be the best. There are so many options for great equipment as it can be really difficult to find one that is the best fit for your needs. Luckily we have some insight that may help you to determine exactly how many hybrids you need in your bag. Even if you have heard that the answer is one or two, there are others factors here to keep in mind. 

How Many Hybrids Does The Average Golfer Need? 

The average golfer needs one to three hybrids in their golf bag. Most will end up with either two hybrids or two fairway woods. The factors that help decide how many hybrids a player needs include swing style/technique, swing speed, and even the budget. 

Swing Style

Are you good at hitting down and through your shots, or is your swing more of a sweeping motion? For the golfers that hit down and through their golf shots, the hybrid is the better choice. These golfers may have two to three hybrids in their bags. 

Swing Speed

For golfers that struggle with generating enough swing speed, the hybrid is a helpful piece of equipment. Hybrids are shorter than fairway woods and sometimes a bit lighter than a long iron, helping golfers increase swing speed. 


Of course, we have all of this modern tracking equipment to tell you which golf clubs you are hitting the best, but there is still something to be said for the clubs you like the most. Do you love your hybrid and pull it out every chance you get? If you do, consider having several of them in the bag. 

What Options Do I Have Other Than Hybrids? 

If the hybrid does not seem like a good fit for your game, then the fairway woods, utility irons, or long irons can be a good alternative solution. 

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are a great alternative to a hybrid; the only downside here is that it can be hard to find some fairway woods in higher lofts. This may still leave a gap between your long irons and your fairway woods that must be addressed. 


A utility iron is kind of a mix between the hybrid and the long irons. With a utility iron, you should have an easier time getting the ball up in the air and keeping the shot straight. These tend to be a good option for the lower handicap players that feel a hybrid is not workable enough. 

Long Irons 

Hybrids were created to replace long irons. However, there is no rule saying you need to replace your long irons. If you are a golfer that still hits your long irons well, don’t feel the need to replace them with hybrids. Many golfers still carry the 4 iron, and some even the 3 iron. 


Hopefully, you now feel you can choose the correct number of hybrids for your bag. Most average golfers will have a 4 and a 3 hybrid in their golf bag. However, this will depend on the fairway woods that you carry, as well as the irons you have in the bag. For players that love hybrids, there is always the option to go for a complete hybrid iron set. Looking for a new hybrid? Check out our Custom Hybrids section on Fairway Jockey.

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