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How Many Wedges Does The Beginner Golfer Need?

Many beginner golfers end up with a complete set of golf clubs that has just one wedge, a pitching wedge included. If you are a beginner golfer and you have been struggling with some of your shots around the green, chances are it could be related to your equipment and not your skill level. Let’s take a more detailed look at how many and what type of golf wedges a beginner golfer needs to have in their bag. 

How Many Wedges Should Beginners Have?

A beginner player needs two golf wedges at the very least, but they can have up to four and still have plenty of room in the bag for other golf clubs. The beginner golfer is often sold on the importance of a pitching wedge, but very often, the sand wedge, gap wedge, and lob wedge are forgotten. Here are the wedges that all beginners should consider putting in their golf bag. 

Pitching Wedge

The pitching wedge is almost an extension of the irons. The club with the next highest loft after your nine iron will be the pitching wedge. Almost all modern iron sets are sold with a pitching wedge. This club is great for approach shots to the green as well as chips and pitches that need a bit of extra roll. 

The pitching wedge tends to be one of the favorite golf clubs for beginners because of its ease of use. 

Gap Wedge (Approach Wedge)

With modern lofts on golf irons, the distance between the pitching wedge and sand wedge has become quite large. This has left golfers with certain distances that they can’t reach and the need for a club that can fit between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge. 

The gap wedge is used for full swing approach shots as well as the shorter olf shots around the green. 

Sand Wedge

A sand wedge is a crucial golf club for all beginners to have. With a sand wedge, you can get out of the bunker, hit higher lofted shots, and really get the ball to stop on the green where you need it to stop. 

The sand wedge does not need to be used specifically from the sand; it is a helpful golf club that can be beneficial throughout the entire golf course. 

Lob Wedge

A lob wedge is the highest lofted club in the bag; this is a club that scares some beginner golfers as it can have a risk-reward type impact on the golf game. The lob wedge is a high-performing golf wedge that makes it easier for a golfer to get the ball up in the air and out of a bunker. 

It may take some practice for beginners to learn different types of golf shots with all of their wedges, but it is very important to consider having more than one wedge in your golf bag. The golf course will play differently each day you are out there, and having a range of equipment will make it easier to execute golf shots.

Where to Purchase?

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