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How Mitsubishi Chemical Shafts Can Improve Your Golf Game

Fairway Jockey features hundreds of shaft options from high-tech and highly esteemed global brands. One of the brands many of our players prefer is Mitsubishi Chemical, known for its abundance and diversity of graphite shafts. On the Fairway Jockey website, we offer dozens of options from the Mitsubishi Chemical name.

Mitsubishi Chemical offers several brands within its company: Kuro KaGe, Diamana, TENSEI, C6, Fubuki, Bassara, OT, and MMT. Because of the abundance of options, we recommend narrowing your search within the Mitsubishi Chemical name according to how each of these sub brands can improve your golf game.

Performance-Enhancing Features of Each Mitsubishi Chemical Shaft

  • Kuro Kage The Kuro Kage was made for power, made with low resin content prepreg and titanium nickel. This is seen in the Kuro Kage X Wood Shaft, which offers players heightened stability as a low launch, low spin shaft.

  • Diamana The Diamana is regarded for its consistency. Players always can depend on this model for consistent swings and results. Players with medium to fast swing speeds enjoy the Diamana DF-Series Wood Shaft, which delivers both accuracy and stability.

  • TENSEI The TENSEI was manufactured with the highest amount of advanced materials ever put into one of Mitsubishi Chemical’s shafts. 

    Consider the Tensei  CK Pro Orange Hybrid Shaft, which is low launch and low spin but with a higher balance point. The result? Superior stability, feel, and control.

  • C6 The C6 is regarded for not only its performance, but for its ability to fit a wide range of player’s needs. It’s the most malleable of the clubs, as it can be fine-tuned to fit a players’ goals. 

    The C6 Blue Wood Shaft is mid-launch, mid-spin and has a well-balanced profile that makes it suited for a wide range of players.

  • Fubuki Mitsubishi refers to the Fubuki series as their ‘testing ground for disruptive, category-changing ideas.” This has resulted in shaft options such as the Fubuki MV-Series Wood Shaft, which is a lightweight option offering mid-launch and mid-spin. It was created to even straighten a loose fade.

  • Bassara The Bassara model is a bit lighter than the other shafts from Mitsubishi, but delivers great consistency. The Grand Bassara Iron Shaft is high-launch and mid-spin for a lightweight feel and enhanced performance.

  • OT The OT series was innovated in an idea lab, and reflects new and innovative ways of constructing a shaft. Try the OT Parallel Iron Shaft, for example -- it produces feel and distance, but with enhanced accuracy as compared to other light weight steel shafts.

  • MMT The MMT Series incorporates Metal Mesh Technology for enhanced feel and performance. The MMT Parallel Iron Shaft is a fit for a wide-range of players, and is mid-launch, mid-spin.

Choosing Which Mitsubishi Chemical Shafts is Right For You

To navigate the many options available, we recommend speaking with one of our experienced fitters either by phone or live chat. Ultimately, how a Mitsubishi Chemical shaft can improve your golf game comes down to your performance goals, your swing tendency, and your level of experience. One thing is for sure: there are no shortage of options, as Mitsubishi Chemical continues to innovate and bring forth new offerings for a wide range of players.


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