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How To Buy A Custom Driver From Fairway Jockey

If you are serious about your golf game, you likely understand the importance of a custom-fit golf driver. A golf driver that is custom fit to your needs will help to ensure that you are getting your full potential from your golf equipment. Golf drivers from Fairway Jockey will have a ton of options for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at how you can buy a custom driver from Fairway Jockey. 

Steps To Buy A Custom Driver From Fairway Jockey 

If you have your specs and information from a fitting or from the use of your personal launch monitor, you will be ready to place your order for a custom driver with Fairway Jockey. Let’s take a look at these steps. 


As much as golf shaft manufacturers try, it is impossible to make two golf shafts to be exactly the same. The SST pure is a system that finds the best possible allocation of a golf shaft and installs it into the clubhead. SST Pureing comes at an extra cost, but for $30.00, it is money well spent. 


The length of your golf driver should be based on a player’s height, arm length, and playing ability. A longer driver is typically for a golfer that is taller or has some shorter arms. Drivers are already considerably longer than other clubs in your bag; many players choose to go with standard length in the driver, even if they are taller. 

Adapter Settings 

Adjustable golf drivers will have settings that help players control ball flight, launch, and spin. When you purchase your custom driver, you will want to ensure the adapter settings are where you think you will pay them most often. When your driver comes to you, it will be ready to use on the golf course. 

Swing Weight 

When you purchase a custom golf driver from Fairway Jockey, you can choose the golf club’s swing weight. The swing weight is the way that the club feels; it is not the total weight of the golf club itself. 

Fairway Jockey will always let golfers know what the standard swing weight is on any custom driver available on the website. Golfers that like a heavy feel in the club can have the swing weight adjusted accordingly. 


Fairway Jockey offers several different grip choices when you purchase a custom driver. In addition to the type of grip you want on your club, you can also add extra wraps or put the logo on the grip up or down on the club. 

The custom driver fitting experience from Fairway Jockey is a bit different than it is from other online golf retailers. The level of detail we incorporate into our custom driver purchasing experience ensures that you end up with the right club in your hands. 

The perfect golf driver gives players confidence in their game and a chance to go low. Let Fairway Jockey help you put the right golf club in your hands.


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