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How To Buy A Custom Wood Shaft From Fairway Jockey

Making tweaks to golf equipment does not always mean purchasing an entirely new set. In fact, most golfers will try and change out some shafts or adjust the lie and loft before they decide they need entirely new equipment. If you have considered purchasing a wood custom shaft from Fairway Jockey, there are a few things you should know about the process. Understanding what you are looking for and the information you will need before buying will help ensure your overall satisfaction with the shaft that you buy. Let’s take a look at how to buy a custom wood shaft from Fairway Jockey. 

Choose A Shaft Type/Model 

The first part of this process is to narrow down the golf shaft you want for your wood. The Fairway Jockey custom wood shaft options are extensive, but you can narrow them down based on spin, flex, price, brand, and even the trajectory. Sorting through these options is easier than it ever has been.

Club Head Information

You will need to decide if your custom wood shaft will be used in your driver or in your fairway woods. This is going to impact the overall length of the shaft as well as the performance attributes and options available. 


Each custom wood shaft sold from Fairway Jockey comes with an adapter. You will need this adapter in order to have your new golf shaft work on your existing wood. The adapter will vary based on the current model of your wood. 

In addition to the adapter, it is vital to consider the settings of that adapter. When you purchase the custom wood, the adapter will come set to precisely the specifications you need. 


Custom lengths are available on all of the custom wood shafts from Fairway Jockey. The length of the club should take into account your physical stature, playing ability, and goals with your new wood. Don’t order a custom wood shaft based entirely on your height. Custom golf club fittings can help you determine the proper club length you need. 


The custom wood shafts from Fairway Jockey come with your choice of a grip. The number of grip options varies greatly, and there is a choice of adding extra wraps for the golfers that need it.

SST Pure Service 

All custom wood shafts from Fairway Jockey allow for the option of the SST Pure Service. The SST Pure Service will ensure that the golf shaft you are purchasing can be installed into the wood at the ideal angle for optimal performance. Spinning a shaft by even a few degrees could change how it spins, launches, and feels. The SST Pure service is one that more and more golfers are taking advantage of. 


By now, you should see how the custom shaft buying process from Fairway Jockey works. With this process, you will be able to completely change the equipment that you have in your hands without having to change the club head. The way these custom wood shafts perform will allow for a tremendous difference in the performance you get on the golf course.

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