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Hyperice Hypervolt Series: Can This Help My Golf Game?

One of the things that golfers underestimate is the number of muscles used to hit just one golf shot. You will use your shoulders, back core, legs, hands, and more to take a single swing at a golf ball. These muscles often need to recover after a round of golf or even before a round if you have just spent some time at a gym. The Hyperice Hypervolt Series is a new product that golfers all over the nation are using to help improve the way they feel on the golf course. If you have heard about these models but are unsure which one could be for you, let’s take a bit of a deeper look into which Hyperice Hypervolt is the best for golfers. 

Hypervolt 2

All of the Hypervolt models are meant to be portable, fast-acting, and easy for even an amateur golfer to be able to work with. The Hypervolt 2 is the best-selling model, and it has all the necessary components to help golfers’ muscles recover. 

The Hypervolt 2 weighs less than 2 pounds and has a battery life of three hours. There are three different speeds that you can choose from with the Hypervolt to find the desired settings for your needs. With the Hypervolt, there is a pressure sensor that allows you to see how much pressure is being applied, and this can also be viewed and controlled on the app. 

The Hyperice app for the Hypervolt Series is quite helpful and ensures that you have a bit more control over your overall muscle recovery. 

Hypervolt Go

The Hypervolt Go is a smaller model that comes in at a lower price. This unit can be used at three different speeds, and the battery will last just over two hours. If you are unsure how often you will use a device like this and want to give something a try, the Hypervolt Go is the place to start.

Hypervolt 2 Pro 

The Hypervolt 2 Pro is a premium model that is known for its long battery life, five different speeds, and impressive overall performance. The Hypervolt 2 Pro has a slightly stronger motor than the other models, and this is partly what leads to the additional speeds and adjustability. 

If you are serious muscle recovered and know that you will use your Hypervolt often, this is the model that will make the most sense. 

Is The Hyperice Hypervolt Helpful For Golfers? 

Golfers can experience tremendous back pain and muscle pain just from playing the game. There is so much strain that golf can have on your body that it really does make sense to consider ways that can help ease this pain and get you on the golf course more often. 

The Hyperice Hypervolt is an extremely helpful tool for golfers that are serious about the way they feel on and off the golf course. When you compare the cost of this to the cost of a muscle recovery massage, you will quickly see why the Hypervolt is such an excellent investment into your golf game.


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