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In Person Vs. Over The Phone Golf Club Fitting

Process Of A Phone Fitting

With a phone fitting, you will schedule a time with a Fairway Jockey phone fitting representative, and they will help you discuss your golf game and work out any issues you have with ordering your golf clubs. 

During the phone fitting, the expert will ask you essential facts and statistics about your game and try and find a club or set of clubs to match what you are looking for. Although you won’t have a launch monitor with data, sometimes the advice can be even more valuable. 

People with their own personal launch monitors will also call in for a phone fitting to have that information properly analyzed and converted into appropriate equipment. 

Sometimes golfers know what their golf game needs, but they are not able to find the equipment that will match what they need. The Fairway Jockey phone fitters are aware of all the latest and greatest technological advances in the sport, and they can get people fitted with the products they need. 


A phone fitting is typically going to be quite a bit less expensive than an in person fitting. Most of the time, the pricing on the phone fitting is adjusted because the club fitter will not be with you in person. However, you can still choose between a ½ hour or 1 hour time slot, so there is still plenty of time to look into your golf game. 

Purchasing and Ordering of Golf Clubs 

The final step of any fitting process is to get you fitted into the proper equipment. At the end of an in-person or over-the-phone golf club fitting, you should be able to know precisely what clubs to order and to what specifications the clubs should be built. 

With a Fairway Jockey phone fitting, your entire cost of the fitting is goign to be credited if you purchase the clubs through Fairway Jockey. Those who have the information they need to buy clubs but are afraid to pull the trigger without running this by an expert are a perfect service. 

You will get another opinion on the set you are ordering and whether or not it is a good fit for your game, and it will come free of cost. This is something that truly makes no sense not to participate in. 

If you feel as though an in-person club fitting is not necessary for what your game needs at the moment, but a little advice could help you ensure that your club choice is correct, Fairway Jockey phone fittings are the way to go.

Golf club fittings have almost always been done in person. Fitting professionals will look at your swing and the date from the launch monitor and develop a plan for your golf game. There are; however, more and more people looking for an over-the-phone golf club fitting. Although different from an in person fitting, over the phone, golf club fitting can still be a very practical choice for golfers shopping for new clubs. Let’s take a look at the differences between the in-person and the over-the-phone golf club fitting. 


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