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Indi Golf Wedges: Are They Worth It?

Indi Golf Wedges: Models To Choose From 

With some of the technology that Indi golf discovered, they decided to make both conforming and non conforming golf wedges. The conforming wedges come in two different models, and the non conforming also come in two models. 

The FLX series is a progressive grind wedge with all of the lofts optimized to increase spin. This comes in both a conforming and non conforming club head. The other Indi golf wedge is the ATK; the ATK is a wide sole design with heel, toe, and back edge relief. Each of these wedges has different strengths. 

Indi Golf Wedges Key Features

The FLX wedge is known for being great at spin. With the increased traction on the face and the fact that the club face itself has extra grooves, the Indi Golf FLX can spin from almost any lie. If you are a golfer who likes to pick the ball and sometimes doesn’t see the spin results you need, the FLX is a smart choice. 

With the ATK, you are going to see lots of forgiveness and relief for those wedge shots that don’t hit the center of the clubface. When your wedge is more forgiving, you get plenty of distance even if the ball is not struck direclty in the center. Golfers like the ATK for playing in soft conditions or for hitting out of bunkers. 

Both wedges have a very clean player profile and are offered in loft options from the 50 to the 60-degree wedge. If you find this is a smart choice for your golf bag, you can have a whole series of Indi wedges. Each one comes standard with a Dynamic Gold wedge flex shaft. 

Who Should Play The Indi Golf Wedges

When new wedges come to the market, they are certainly fun to look at, but who should really be playing with these wedges? The great thing about the Indi golf wedges is that they will work for many players. 

If you are a higher handicapper with a hard time getting the ball to spin, this wedge can help you get more control. If you are a lower handicap player that wants to be able to pull off some impressive shots from a wide variety of areas, the Indi wedges could also work. 

With the clean look, impressive spin, and great feel, this is a wedge that works for a wide range of players. When you are purchasing, you should be sure if you want the conforming or the non conforming versions.

Aside from the putter, the wedge is an extremely important club in the golf bag. With a proper wedge, you can control your greenside shots, spin the ball, and really start scoring. Most amateur players struggle with developing control and consistency in their wedges. Indi Golf has developed a completely new line of golf wedges to change your wedge game up a bit. Since these wedges are so new to the market, there may be a few things you don’t know about them. Let’s take a deeper look into what an Indi golf wedge is and who should be playing with it. 


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