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Introducing Miura Golf's New Forged Wedges: Elevate Your Short Game

Miura Golf is proud to unveil our new, perfectly engineered Forged Wedges. Designed to meld performance with exceptional feel, these wedges cater to golfers of all skill levels, ensuring superior performance across varying turf conditions. With two unique sole grinds, the Y grind and the C grind, we have crafted the perfect tools to enhance your short game and boost your confidence on the course.


Classic Design with Modern Performance

Our new Forged Wedges feature a clean, classic look that has already helped thousands of golfers transform their short game into a model of forged excellence. The wedges are available in two distinct grinds, each designed to provide specific benefits for different types of players.


Precision: The Y Grind Wedge

The Y grind wedge is ideal for golfers with a neutral to steep attack angle, particularly those who favor cut shots around the green. This grind enhances control and spin, making it perfect for players who remove some turf through impact. Available in lofts of 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, and 56 degrees, the Y grind ensures crisp turf interaction and consistent contact.

Versatility: The C Grind Wedge

For golfers who sweep or pick the ball off the turf, the C grind wedge provides unmatched versatility. This grind offers more heel and toe relief, facilitating intricate shots around the green and adapting to various turf conditions. The C grind comes in lofts of 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees, making it a versatile choice for any short game situation.

Seamless Integration and Exceptional Feel

Despite their differences, the Y and C grind wedges can be seamlessly paired to complete your bag, offering you the flexibility to hit a variety of shots in diverse turf conditions. The wedges provide a marvelous feel, thanks to Miura’s proprietary 14-step manufacturing process. Utilizing fine-grain, void-free soft carbon steel, the wedge heads deliver precise impact feel and feedback, crucial for a successful short game.


Advanced Engineering for Optimal Performance

Miura's new generation of wedges showcases several advancements over previous models, including improvements in overall shape, center of gravity, leading edge grind, and bounce. The heads are meticulously engineered to place mass in the optimal locations, ensuring superior contact and control. This design facilitates smoother turf interaction through impact, resulting in more consistent ball flight.


The Spirit of Excellence

The Japanese kanji character on the back of the club translates to "striving" or "noble effort." This embodies the ethos of Miura Golf: a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. When you hit these wedges, you’ll feel the difference immediately. Just as acquaintances become friends and novices become experts, casual golfers can elevate their game to a serious level with Miura's new Forged Wedges.


Miura Golf’s new Forged Wedges are more than just clubs; they are a testament to precision engineering and dedication to the sport. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a casual golfer looking to improve, these wedges offer the performance and feel you need to excel. Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with Miura’s latest offering.

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