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Is the Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited Shaft Right for Me?

The Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited Shaft is a wood shaft offered by the Oban brand, which is known for its premium graphite golf shafts. Specifically, the Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited Shaft is a good fit for players seeking a high ball launch and low spin profile. Its design is regarded for its contribution to stability in a swing, as the shaft was optimized for a radical decrease of the shaft’s ovalization after years of research and development. This creates a level of control that provides a player with greater accuracy and distance.

The ovalization is aided by the fusion of 46 ton pre-preg composite with exotic 4-axis materials wrapping the entire length of the shaft. This was done to maintain the shaft's geometric shape during the load/unload sequence. The Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited Shaft is a right fit for players looking for both stability and distance. 

The weight of the shaft contributes to overall accuracy, so if a goal of yours’ is to improve this area of your game, The Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited Shaft is likely a good pick. We recommend contacting the Fairway Jockey team through phone call or a live chat to talk through other similar offerings if you’re certain that you’re looking for accuracy and distance.

The Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited Shaft’s Specifications

The Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited Shaft is available in three models: the 50, 60, and 70. Furthermore, your order can be customized by the following specifications:

  • Flex (R, S, or X)
  • Shaft adaptor sleeve (choose between right hand or left hand, and brand options such as Titleist, Mizuno, or Callaway Epic Flash)
  • Whether or not you would like to add on SST Pure Alignment
  • Playing length (Standard, or a choice or inches between 42 and 46.5)
  • Your club head model or loft used (information that is necessary for proper manufacturer tipping)
  • Grip size and brand (midsize or standard, brands such as Golf Pride and NO1 50 Series)
  • The number of wraps of tape

Choosing a shaft for a new club is an important choice, and with Fairway Jockey’s vast array of options from brands like Oban and beyond, know that you don’t have to make your best guess alone. Our team is on standby to assist you in your selection, whether you’ve tried a specific shaft before or are looking for something new. 

Once your specific order is placed, our master builders will get to work building your club in Fairway Jockey’s 20,000 square foot warehouse in Scottsdale, Arizona. The building process is done by hand with attention to craftsmanship and detail. These custom-made orders are one of the many reasons why ordering from Fairway Jockey is special. No two clubs are made alike — because no two golf players are alike. Choose the best shaft and head for you rather than making compromises on a club that’s already been built.


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