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Jason Kokrak WITB - Charles Schwab Challenge Winner


Even with the new TaylorMade SIM 2 on the market, Jason Kokrak is quite comfortable with his TaylorMade Sim. He sets the driver at 8.5 degrees to help keep the ball flight perfect for a swing this fast. Kokrak is one of the bigger guys on tour and can create quite a bit of clubhead speed in his game. 

The driver features an Accra TZ5 85 M5 Proto. As you can imagine, there is quite a bit of thought and decision that goes into these shafts for the professional players. If you are a low handicapper thinking about the SIM driver, consider getting fitted for the proper shaft for your game. 


The woods are, in our opinion, the most unique part of Jason Kokrak’s bag. He has a SIM2 3 wood in a 15-degree loft, but he also carries a SIM2 Max 7 wood with 21 degrees of loft. Not too many tour pros keep the 7 wood in their bag. 

In fact, with the hybrids and utility clubs, we see on the market, most don’t carry two woods anymore either. 

The shafts in the woods are the HZRDUS Smoke Green.


Irons are where Kokrak moves away from the TaylorMade brand. His iron set is the PXG 0311 T Gen4 in the 4-PW. These clubs have a True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 in place. The irons are a great-looking set, and PXG has come to be known for both an impressive look and feel. 


Most professional golfers will play with a set of the same wedges; however, Kokrak chooses to use a PXG wedge and a Vokey Wedge. The PXG is a 0311 Sugar Daddy with 52 degrees of loft, and the Vokey is an SM8 with 60 degrees of loft. When it comes to the short game, the most important thing is feel. If this wedge combination gives Kokrak the feel and performance he needs, the brand name should not matter. 


Last but not least, the Bettinardi Studio Stock 38 is the putter of choice for Jason Kokrak. Clearly, this putter worked quite well for him in his two PGA Tour wins. The Studio Stock 38 is a beautiful looking mallet design putter that is known for both feel and consistency. If you have trouble lining up your putts, something about the way the Bettinardis setup helps golfers to achieve much better accuracy. 

Overall, Jason Kokrak has a unique club set design that works quite well for him. Lucky for you, most of the club choices and shaft choices in his set are available for all golfers to use. 

Jason Kokrak has always been one of those players that shows up week after week to compete.  He ends up near the top of the leaderboard but doesn’t always pull off the victory. Not long ago, Kokrak captured his first victory after more than 250 professional golf tournaments. 

It seems like winning that event may have opened the doors for Kokrak; now, he has two wins under his belt. Of course, when golfers are playing well and winning, amateurs want to know the equipment that they have in their hands. 

We have all the details about what is in Jason Kokraks’s bag right now. The great news is that many of these clubs are available to purchase to your own specifications. 


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