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LA Golf A-Series Wood Shaft

LA Golf is an up-and-coming golf shaft manufacturer that is making big waves on the PGA Tour. For players that are wanting a wide range of performance in a variety of shaft weights and flex, the LA Golf A-Series Wood Shaft could be the perfect option. This shaft comes in a model for woods, irons, and even hybrids. If you are thinking that the LA Golf A-Series could be a good fit for your game, let's take a look at some of the key features to consider. 

Key Features of LA Golf A-Series Wood Shaft

The LA Golf A Series Wood Shaft is a tour-proven design. However, it is offered in several different options that can work for players that are a long way from making their debut on the PGA Tour. 

Simplified Fitting System 

One of the greatest difficulties that golfers have is finding a shaft that will work for their swing and then ensuring that the shaft has the feel and performance that they need long term. The LA Golf A-series golf shafts have a very simplified fitting system that will work for all swing types and styles. Take advantage of the system that they have in place to pair yourself with the proper shaft. 

High, Mid, and Low

There are three basic models of the LA Golf A-Series Wood Shaft. These will be the High for the higher launch and mid spin; the Mid and the Low. The Mid and the Low both have a slightly lower launch than the High, and the Low features the lowest spin of all three of these shafts. 

The Low shaft option is for the feel player that has a higher swing speed and needs that control over their shots. The High is a better choice for the slower swinging player that can still benefit from a higher launching golf shot. 


All of the LA Golf A-Series shafts are designed for a golfer that can appreciate and benefit from feel of their golf shafts. The technology that the LA Golf A-Series offers will improve the feedback that players get when they make contact with a golf ball. With this feedback, it is easier to make golf swing changes and improve your overall ability. 


The LA Golf, A-Series Wood Shaft, will work with almost any of your current golf woods or hybrids. Simply use the Fairway Jockey online fitting system that allows you to enter the information on your current club to be sure you get the LA Golf A-Series shaft that will work best for you. With the Fairway Jockey system, you can also choose a grip so that this shaft is ready to go the day you get it. 


At this point, you should have a better idea as to whether or not the LA Golf A-Series Wood Shaft will work for you as a player. If you have heard great things about the LA series and need a place to start, this would be it. 


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