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LA Golf Bryson Signature Series Wood Shaft

When you think of Bryson Dechambeau's golf game, chances are the word distance will come to mind. As talented as Bryson is, he makes sure that he is using the right combination of golf equipment to get him the distance that he needs. Bryson has been working with LA Golf to come up with a series of wood shafts and even single length iron shafts that can help even the average golfer expand the capabilities of their golf game. 

Features and Benefits: LA Golf Bryson Signature Series Wood Shaft

LA Golf partners with some of the best golf professional golfers in the game to create golf shafts that match exactly what this player needs and then bring that technology to the market. The LA Golf Bryson Signature Series Wood Shaft is a premium golf shaft that has already been tour proven. 

Used By Bryson 

Bryson Dechambeau not only helped to produce this golf shaft, but he also used it himself. The shaft comes in several different flex and weight options, so it can be a good choice for a variety of players. 

Choosing a golf shaft for your wood that has been tested on the PGA Tour says a lot about the feel, durability, longevity, and overall performance of the club. 

Patented 16 Sided HD Tooling 

All golf shaft manufacturers have their own unique processes to create some of the best technology on the market. LA Golf uses a patented 16 sided HD Tooling. This has helped to promote feel and performance. The testing of these shafts has been in place for years, and the release to the general golfing public has been much anticipated. 

Low Launch & Low Spin 

That combination needed for maximum distance is typically a lower launching and lower spinning shaft. Even if you have great swing speed, the ability to control the ball is very important. With the stability of the LA Golf Bryson Signature Series Wood Shaft, you will have a much easier time finding the fairway. 


Being able to control a wood shot so that it draws or fades can really help with scoring. The Bryson Signature series wood shaft has more feel in the hands and helps golfers hit a variety of shots around the course. 

Weight and Flex Options

Don't be worried about the fact that this is a premium tour-level golf shaft; there are flex and weight options for any player. The shaft weights come in the 55gram, 65gram, or 75gram and the flexes range from an extra stiff all the way down to a senior flex shaft. 


If you know that you can benefit from a lower launching, lower spinning wood shaft with tremendous feel and workability, the LA Golf Bryson Signature Series Wood Shaft is a great option to consider. These are premium golf shafts, and with the help of Fairway Jockey, you can purchase the proper adapter to work with your current fairway wood or driver. Finding the right shaft in your golf club can take a bit of time and patience, but with these new releases from LA Golf, the fine-tuned performance just got even better.


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