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LA Golf DJ Signature Series Wood Shaft

Some professional golfers will play with any club you put in their hands and trust the technology that is recommended for them. Other golfers get a bit more technical and involved in the process. These players want to spend time learning about the specifications of the club and even getting involved in developing and designing new golf shafts to be mass-produced. LA Golf partners with the best players in the game to put out some of the most impressive golf shafts you have seen. 

Features and Benefits of LA Golf DJ Signature Series Woods

One of the latest releases from LA Golf is the signature series with Dustin Johnson. When you look at the length and control that Dustin gets from his golf clubs, it’s no wonder that he knows a thing or two about the best golf shafts in the game. Here are a few things to know about this new series of wood shafts from DJ. 

Tour Proven 

Not only does Dustin Johnson work with LA Golf to create a shaft that can be beneficial to your game, but he is also using it for his own golf game. DJ has has the LA Golf DJ Signature series wood shaft in his bag now and has proven the capabilities with it on the PGA Tour. 

The two key performance metrics he was looking for when working with LA Golf were distance and accuracy. 

High Balance Point

The balance point on the LA Golf DJ Signature Series woods is quite higher. With a higher balance point, players are able to offset the weight of the club head and feel as though they have a much smoother overall pace and speed to their golf swing. 

The high balance point helps Dustin Johnson get that incredible tempo that all amateur golfers should be a bit jealous of. 

Smooth Feel

The feel of a golf shaft is nearly as important as the feel of the club head. You can have a great feeling club head with a golf shaft that is not a good match and end up struggling to hit the ball. The LA Golf DJ Signature Series are considered premium golf shafts with some of the best feel in the game. 


When these tour proven shafts make their way to the market, it can sometimes be disappointing for the average golfer. Many times the stiffness or the weight of the shaft is not a good mix, but with the LA Golf DJ Signature Series Wood Shaft, there are three different weight options, 55grams, 65grams, and 75 grams. Regardless of your swing speed and the performance you are looking for, there is an option for your game. 


LA Golf is doing a great job pairing with the best players in the game to give us a broad range of golf shaft options. The more options you have, the better the chance of being able to get a match that will work for your golf game.


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