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Mitsubishi Chemical C6 2022 (Red, Blue, Black Hybrid, Black Iron)

The new line of Mitsubishi Chemical C6 shafts has hit the market. This time there are options for woods, hybrids, and irons. The C6 Red and Blue shafts are built for woods, while the Black is made for both hybrid and irons. Let’s take a more detailed look at each of these shafts, what they bring to the market and which one could be the right fit for your golf game. 

Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Blue

The Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Blue is for golfers looking for consistency, straight shots, and plenty of distance. You will find that the golfers that can use this shaft are quite a diverse group, from lower handicap players to average golfers. You will have workability from the Chemical C6 Blue, but players also get forgiveness and distance. 

The Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Blue is great for the golfer that wants a mid-launch shaft with mid to low spin. You will find that the overall balance and stability of the C6 is what sets it apart from other shafts on the market. 

Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Red 

The Chemical C6 Red from Mitsubishi is a shaft that allows a bit more forgiveness and consistency than the C6 Blue. Players that need the higher launch and a bit of a draw bias will be pleasantly surprised with the performance here. There are four models of this shaft with varying weights to help accommodate players with varying swing speeds. If you need a bit more launch, this is the shaft to consider. 

Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Black Hybrid

Most of the time, the hybrid and iron shafts are the same. However, with the latest release from Mitsubishi, they found it was best to break this up into two separate parts, a hybrid shaft and an iron shaft. The end result is a more fine tuned performance for the player. 

The C6 Hybrid shaft has a black cosmetic look, makes it easy for players to release the club, and is a mid launch hybrid shaft. In addition, the spin from this shaft is mid spin. Essentially any player that is interested can benefit from the C6 Black hybrid shaft. 

Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Iron Shaft

The last release of this new lineup is the Chemical C6 iron shaft. This club has tremendous versatility and can be paired perfectly with the new C6 Black Hybrid as well as the C6 wood shafts. 

The Fairway Jockey club fitters can help guide you with the proper adapters and fitting selections for your new Mitsubishi Chemical shafts. 


One of the things you will notice about golf professionals and the equipment they play is the consistency of the golf shaft selection. For players that are smart about their equipment, the consistency in shaft selection will make a big difference. If you are ready to get the performance that you deserve from your golf clubs, think about putting a high-performing and reliable shaft in the entire set. With the new Mitsubishi C6 line, this is easy to do.

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