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Mitsubishi Chemical Kai’Li White Wood Shaft

Golfers with high swing speeds create challenges for golf shaft manufacturers. These players typically create quite a bit of spin and launch and need a shaft that can be low spinning and low launching while still providing performance. Players with these types of swing speeds will need a custom shaft with some very specific technologies and innovations. Luckily there are companies like Mistubishi Chemical that put out golf shafts like the Kai’Li White Wood Shaft. This shaft will absolutely help players looking for the low launch and low spin. 

Features and Benefits of the Mitsubishi Chemical Kai’Li White Wood Shaft

The most important thing for players to remember about this Kai’Li White Wood Shaft is that it is for higher velocity swing speeds that seek low launch and low spin. If you are a mid to slow-swinging player that has trouble getting the ball up in the air, this is not the shaft for your game. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons this shaft is so popular in 2022. 

Strong MR70 Reinforced Tip

Having lots of swing speed is a good thing until it starts to impact your ability to keep the club square and centered at impact. When a high swing speed player loses the ability to control the club face at impact, the overall results will be inconsistent. This is frustrating considering the fact that high speed delivered to the ball correctly should result in a tremendous performance. 

The new reinforced tip in the Mitsubishi Chemical Kai’Li White Wood Shaft allows for much tighter dispersion and a center face impact. 

Super Low Resin Content Prepeg 

Another major concern for golfers is the feel of a golf shaft. The great thing about the Mitsubishi Chemical Kai’Li White Wood Shaft is that it will improve the overall feel without sacrificing performance in any way. The Super Low Resin Content Prepeg is located in the torque core of the club. The overall result is a lower torque, more stability, and increased control. 

Many lower launching shafts in the past have struggled to give golfers a smooth feel at impact. However, the new technology and material combination found in the Kai’Li white will allow for that amazing feeling of launch while still keeping the ball flight low. 

Who Should Play The Mitsubishi Chemical Kai’Li White Wood Shaft? 

Now that you have all the specifics on this brand new shaft design from Mitsubishi, it's time to decide if this could be a good fit for your game. For the most part, this shaft is specifically for golfers with high swing speeds. If you are able to generate a great deal of club head speed and need help controlling the flight and the spin, this is the perfect shaft to consider. 

Golfers have noticed increased control, lower dispersion rates, and better feel and consistency at impact. The shaft comes in three different weights to help accommodate both your driver and your fairway woods.


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