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Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei 1K Pro Blue Wood Shaft (Carbon Fiber Technology)

When you read through our features on the clubs and shafts that professional golfers are putting in their bags, chances are you have seen the Mitsubishi Chemical name come up quite often. These impressive golf shafts are continually improving golfers' ability to maximize distance, control spin, and improve overall accuracy on the golf course. The Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei 1K Pro Blue wood shaft is the most recent addition to the lineup, and it has lots of new technology to help your game. Let’s look at the new Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei 1K Pro Blue and what it can do for you.

Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei 1K Pro Blue Wood Shaft: Features and Benefits

The CV Blue and the AV Blue are highly regarded shafts that have done quite well for amateur and professional golfers. The 1K Pro Blue wood shaft is not aimed to replace these predecessors but instead to grow on their success and performance.

Super Premium 1K Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is an important material in golf shafts and golf club heads. The new Tensei 1K Pro Blue has been crafted with super premium 1K carbon fiber to increase stability in the shaft. The more stable a shaft is, the easier it is for you to control and the better the feel at impact.

Xlink Tech Resin System

In addition to the Carbon Fiber in the shaft, you will also find the Xlink Tech Resin system that adds strength to the shaft. The added strength improves distance and helps players get a bit more feedback at impact.

Heightened Ball Speed

Although feel, workability, and accuracy are important, Mitsubishi Chemical did not want to sacrifice any speed on this new 1K Pro Blue shaft. The Xlink Tech Resin System reduced the overall weight. In addition, the 1K Pro Blue has a firmer butt section on the club which helps improve ball speed near the tip.

Lightweight Feel With Workability

The overall torque in the shaft has been reduced, and the addition of Boron in the tip helped to increase overall stability and compression strength. You can swing this shaft at a great speed and at the same time control where the ball is going. What more can a golfer ask for.
The Tensei 1K Pro Blue comes in several different weight and flex options ranging from a 50R to an 80 TX; it won’t be hard to find something that will work for your game.

Final Thoughts

Having a variety of technology in a shaft can certainly benefit overall performance. With the new Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei 1K Pro Blue wood shaft, nothing was left out. If you want to control the ball, increase your distance, and improve overall consistency and stability in your woods, the Tensei 1K Pro Blue would be worth trying. Fairway Jockey has this shaft in stock, along with a variety of adapters to make it work for your current golf driver or fairway wood.


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