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Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Raw Series

The Mitsubishi golf shafts have continually been some of the highest performing for amateur and professional golfers. Mitsubishi has been around a long time, and they do a tremendous job updating technology and improving options for golfers. The latest release is the brand new Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Raw. This shaft comes in both a wood and a hybrid option and is certainly worth checking out. 

Features and Benefits of Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Raw Series

The Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Raw features the new Aluminum Vapor or AV Coated Weave in the butt end of the club. The goal here was increased stability in the golf club, which can lead to greater power. Stability at impact can help you hit shots further but also keep the ball straight. 

Low Launch Profile

The Tensei AV Raw is a lower launching shaft available in several different weight combinations. Typically speaking, golfers with faster swing speeds have a hard time controlling overall launch and tend to lose a bit of distance when the ball gets caught up high. The low launch profile from the Tensei AV Raw can fix this. 


Even in the woods, control is so important. Players that have the speed and the precision in their game need a shaft that responds to them and allows for control and workability; the Tensei AV Raw has helped to provide that. 

Heavier and Stiffer

Not all golf technology is getting lighter and easier to swing. For stronger players that need a shaft that can handle their swing speed and strength, the Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Raw improves power transfer and increases the ability to hit a straight shot. 

Who Should Play It? 

The Tensei AV Raw series is for the strongest players in the game. If you have a fast swing speed and really attack the ball, this is the shaft that you can keep up with. There are several flex and weight options to choose from, but most will still be geared toward the stronger golfer. 

Variations and Extensions

In the hybrid Tensei AV Raw series, you will find four shaft options ranging from 91 grams to 106 grams. The flex options are stiff or extra stiff only. 

In the wood Tensei, AV Raw series from Mitsubishi expects nine different options in the S, X, and TX flex. The weight range for these will be anywhere from 66 to 88 grams, and they will all be low launching golf shafts. 


Some golfers find that after working on their game, increasing ball speed and overall strength, they are ready for a golf club shaft that can handle their power. The Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Raw Series is a perfect fit for a golfer who has recently found more strength in their game and is not ready to give up on the club head they have in play. This is a shaft with tremendous stability and incredible feel and control.


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