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Mitsubishi Chemical Vanquish Wood Shaft

One of the main goals of a great fitting golf shaft is that it can help golfers create speed in their swings. The Mitsubishi Chemical Vanquish shaft is one of the newest models from Mitsubishi, and it focuses on giving players extra speed with a lightweight and high performing shaft. If you have been looking for a new option in your driver or fairway wood for the 2023 season, this is certainly one to consider. 

Features and Benefits

The Mitsubishi Chemical Vanquish is designed for golfers who want to add ball speed to their game. In order to achieve these higher ball speed numbers, Mitsubishi had to incorporate a bit of new technology into the shaft. 

Amorphous Wire Technology 

Although there is a lot of fancy technology and terminology that goes into golf shaft creation, if you are thinking of upgrading, it pays to understand some of it. 

With this new Amorphous Wire Technology, golfers are able to maximize ball speed and club head acceleration. Essentially the wire is used near the end of the club in the grip section. For quite some time, the Amorphous Wire Technology was used near the tip, so this is a new direction for Mitsubishi. 

Lower Torque 

With the incorporation of this Amorphous Wire Technology in the butt section of the club, the handle of the club becomes a bit more active. Golfers will notice that they have more feel and control in their hands, so lower torque was added to increase the strength of the shaft. 

Tip Stability 

As you can see, Mitusbishi revised both the tip and butt end of the shaft. There is an added layer around the tip section that helps to create more stability and better feel and consistency at impact. Tip stability is something that all players can benefit from regardless of swing speed. 

MLAB Verification 

To ensure that golfers are getting the most out of the golf shafts, they are highly tested and analyzed in the MLAB. With robot testing, Mitsubishi was able to see that the average swing speed golfers were gaining extra speed by switching to the Vanquish Wood Shaft. 

In addition, the tolerances found in the Vanquish lineup are tighter than you will find throughout the entire Mitsubishi lineup. The tighter tolerances allow for more consistency in the feel from one shaft to another. 

Availability and Options 

The Vanquish shaft from Mitsubishi Chemical comes in a wide range of weight and flex variations. Golfers who need a softer regular shaft, all the way up to those that need extra stiff, can find a Vanquish to suit their needs. 

Bottom Line 

The new Mitsubishi Chemical Vanquish Wood Shaf is a welcome addition to this line of clubs. With the Vanquish, it's easy to gain extra speed without having to make swing changes. Golf shafts are getting incredibly efficient when it comes to improving the transition of energy from the club to the ball. If you are looking for a Mitsubishi Chemical Vanquish Wood shaft, take a look at all of the different options from Fairway Jockey.


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