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Miura Black: Everything To Know

At Fairway Jockey we have been waiting for the Miura Black line for quite some time. Taking some of the best looking and feeling irons on the market and making them even better looking was a brilliant idea. Miura creates such unique solutions for the world of golfers. If you are tired of mainstream and want your game to experience something different, Miura Black is the way to go. Let's take a look at this Miura Black line and all that it has to offer. 

Miura Black Iron Choices

What we love about this latest release of the Miura Black irons is that they made an option for all players. The irons are available in four different models to suit the needs of both low scoring players and average golfers. If you are not a scratch golfer, there are still Miura Black options for you. 

MB 101 QPQ

The MB 101 QPQ is the player’s blade choice. The club is a proper muscle back, and when playing with a golf club like this, you will want something created with the highest quality standard. The new black QPQ finish is not going to rust; however, wear and tear will be noticeable over time. 

TC 201 QPQ

The TC 201 QPQ is your combination of muscle back feel with the forgiveness of cavity back iron. One thing to remember is that the changing of the finish has not negatively impacted the feel of Miura irons. 

MC 501 QPQ

The MC Stands for Muscle Cavity. This club features the unique Y Grind from Miura. If you want to work the ball but still need some forgiveness in your game, the MC 501 QPQ is the way to go. 

CB 301 QPQ

The CB 301 QPQ is one of the more unique options from Miura. This is a cavity back design that is still a forged iron. Golfers will get the premium Miura feel but still get the distance and forgiveness they need from their iron. Golfers with both high and low handicaps will benefit from the CB 301 QPQ. 

Miura Black Wedges

The three new black wedges are the K Grind 2.0 QPQ, Tour Wedge High Bounce QPQ, and the Milled Tour Wedge QPQ. When you talk about the feel and performance that Miura offers in their equipment, there is no place golfers need it more than around the greens. 

With the Miura Black wedges, you will see loft wedges from 48 to 60 degrees. Many players are putting a combination of the Miura Black wedges in their bag. However, you can do an entire lineup of just one of the Miura wedge types. 

The new QPQ finish is strong and will last for quite some time. However, the areas of the club that experience the most wear will fade over time. This is standard with any wedge but more noticeable with a black wedge. 

Miura Black Irons and Wedges Available Now 

Miura fans have been waiting for the Miura Black line for quite some time. The release has proven that the Miura is capable of some incredible things. The fact that the feel of the hand-forged clubs has not been impacted by the new black finish truly makes these Miura Black irons a game-changer.


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