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Miura CB-302 Irons

It’s not too often that Miura releases a new iron. In fact, Miura states that they won’t put a new club out unless they have something that can help a golfer or change the golf equipment world.

Luckily the Miura CB-302 has brought some unique feel and functionality to the market, something we have come to expect from Miura. Here’s what you need to know about the new Miura CB-302 irons.

Miura CB-302 Irons

The Miura CB-302 is the longest forged cavity back Miura Golf has ever produced. Creating a forged cavity back is a process; making sure that it is long and forgiving takes the impressive Miura irons to a new level.

Changes To Sole Width

With a Miura CB-302 7 iron in your hand, the sole width is 19mm. This is one of the largest from Miura and helps to improve forgiveness and overall consistency in the club head. If you have always wanted to play Miura clubs but are worried about playability and forgiveness, the CB-302 could be a good option to consider.

Turf Interaction

Miura CB-302 irons have a precise amount of camber and leading and trailing edge relief. The combination of these features with the Y grind makes the CB-302 irons impressive when it comes to turf interaction. Even if your swing isn’t the most consistent, the ball flight and accuracy with the CB-302 are impressive.

Premium S20C

Miura golf irons are made with only the most premium materials, soft carbon steel, and a satin chrome finish. With the CB-302 irons, you will get incredible durability; the irons are built to last after being hand crafted for your game.

Overall, player experience with the Miura CB-302 irons could not be better, the combination of feel, looks, and the sound was perfected by the Miura family before bringing these irons to market.

Who should play the CB-302 from Miura?

Although the Miura irons have plenty of forgiveness and are meant for the mid to high handicappers that enjoy cavity back performance, the CB-302 can be played by any golfer. The CB-302 irons are a great solution for the low-handicap player that starts to struggle with their Miura blades in the 4 and 5 iron lofts.

Is the SST Pure service available for Miura CB-302 irons?

The SST Pure service is available with the custom Miura CB-302 irons for $35.

Can Fairway Jockey customize the new Miura CB-302 irons?

Fairway Jockey offers full customization of the new Miura CB-302 irons. Everything from grip and shaft selection to lie and length will be tailored to your needs.

Final Thoughts

When Miura adds a golf club to the market, it's something to be aware of. With most companies pushing out new equipment each year, we have to look hard to find changes from one release to another. With Miura, things are a little more clear. The CB-302 brings a lot to the market and changes what we thought was possible with a forged cavity back iron.


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