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Miura KM3 Putter: Who Is It For?

Miura is quickly expanding its blade putter line. Not long after the release of the KM1 and KM2, they have now added the KM3 to the lineup. The KM3 is an impressive design that is best for golfers who are looking for stability and consistency in their stroke. Whether you have been a Miura fan for years and are ready to add another Miura to your bag, or you are looking for a chance to get your first Miura golf club in the bag, here is everything to know about the new KM3 putter. 

Miura KM3 Features and Benefits 

The Miura KM3 Putter is a fully milled putter made from Japanese Stainless Steel. This is, without a doubt, a premium golf club made for the players that care about their short game and are ready to make more putts. 

Exceptional Feel

The KM3 putter has some of the best feel in the game of golf. Not only did Miura use some of the more premium Japanese Stainless Steel, but they also created this as a fully milled putter. At impact, there are no imperfections or spots that don’t feel as they should. Instead, the feel is solid and strong yet soft enough for the control you need on the faster greens. 

Rounded Off Look 

Miura has a more rounded-off look than the other putters in the KM line. This is more for a player who is looking for consistency and stability. The club head has a very classic look to it and will appeal to a golfer that enjoys a softer look. If the larger mallet head putters that are becoming so popular are not your style, the KM3 design could help to make a difference. 

Back Cavity Retro Logo 

The new Miura retro logo is starting to appear on more and more clubs, and we love it. This is a great look and plays to the history and success of this business. The back cavity on the Miura KM3 features this retro logo, and it does have a more old-school and industrial feel to it. 

303 Japanese Stainless Steel 

Japanese golf club manufacturing still stands out as some of the best across all brands and manufacturers. With this 303 Japanese Stainless Steel clubhead, you are getting the finest materials, as well as some impressive manufacturing specifications and attention to detail. Miura is very careful about the detailed work done on any putter that leaves their facility. 


This new Miura KM3 putter brings yet another tool to the Miura lineup and allows golfers of all abilities a look at a classic and excellent feeling putter design. The putter comes in 33, 34, and 35-inch sizes with a premium Cabretta Leather golf grip. If the KM1 and KM2 were not the right fit for your game, the rounded look and incredible consistency of the KM3 could be the club that checks all the boxes. Order your KM3 with Fairway Jockey and talk to a fitting professional to ensure this is the right fit for your game.


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