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Miura PI-401 Irons: What To Know?

Cavity Back Design 

Miura is known for its forged golf irons. Miura has a forging process that will put any other golf company forging process to shame. The irons go through a multi-step process and then are finished off by hand by a master craftsman. So when Miura set out to make a cavity back iron design, it caught many people by surprise. 

The idea was that because of the forged technology used in the other Miura irons, there was an entire group of players that were missing out on the feel and performance of Miura. Golfers that need the extra forgiveness in a golf iron can now get it because of the cavity back design of the new Miura PI-401. 

Performance For All Players

Miura doesn’t necessarily think of their golf club as a players club; it is more for those that want a pure feel at impact. There is no question that the feel that Miura brings to the market is superior, and for the most part, this tends to attract the lower handicap golfers.

However, some players out there that, regardless of their handicap, still want to play golf with an iron that feels great. That is where the PI-401 cavity back comes into play. Regardless of your scoring ability on the course, you will have no issues getting the performance and feel that you need from the Miura. 

Premium Manufacturing 

Even though the Miura PI-401 does not go through the same forging process that other Miura irons go through, the premium manufacturer will help ensure that it has the same feel. 

The face of the iron is Premium S35C Carbon steel, and the body is an 8620 soft steel. Combining the two materials is seamless, and players will feel as though they are getting performance-enhancing technology in a pre feeling golf iron. 

The only thing that you lose a bit of is workability in the iron. With a Miura forged blade, it is easier to work the ball and control the flight. 

Satin Chrome Finish 

The Miura PI-401 is completed with a satin chrome finish that leaves them looking like one of the most premium cavity back irons on the market. IF you are a Miura fan and have been waiting for an iron that pulls together distance, performance, and feel, this is the club that you need to try. Miura stepped a bit outside the box with this iron, and we are glad they did; this could open up the doors for more and more players to get Miura golf clubs in their hands.

If you are a Miura fan, you have probably become familiar with watching closely for updates regarding new equipment releases. New Miura golf irons do not come to market quite as often as other brands. When the new Miura PI-401 irons came out, they had golf fans everywhere looking for a chance to get this club in their hands. We have broken down everything that you need to know about the new Miura PI-401 so that you can decide if this is the club for your game. 


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