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Mizuno M CRAFT OMOI Putters

Mizuno seems to be getting more involved in the world of putters and short game tools. For years we have relied on Mizuno for their buttery feeling irons and impressive precision. When you think about what is more important in the short game, all the positive attributes of Mizuno golf clubs will come to mind. The new line of Mizuno M Craft OMOI putter stands out as some of the most impressive on the market. This is a technology that we have not seen from Mizuno before. If you need a new putter in 2022, this could be the way to go. 

Features and Benefits: Mizuno M Craft OMOI Putters

The Mizuno M Craft OMOI putters offer some of the most stability we have seen in a putter line. In the putters are forged for premium feel and precision. The Mizuno putters can work for any golfers game, but it helps to fully understand these benefits to see if this is an investment worth making. 

Heavyweight Stability

Not all heavy golf clubs are considered better. However, a little extra weight in your putter can make a bit of difference on fast greens; in addition, the extra head weight can help increase MOI. High MOI from a putter keeps the ball on line for the duration of the putt. When the MOI is too low, the ball will waiver, and you could miss a putt.  

The grip on the new OMOI putters is lighter than in previous M Craft models. This was done to help balance out the extra weight in the head and to help control the clubface going through the ball. 

For players that struggle with face rotation, even those that rotate too much on an arc-style putting stroke, the features of this putter will help to straighten things out. 

Premium 1025 Carbon Steel

The Mizuno M Craft OMOI is forged from one piece of 1025 carbon steel. The putter is then CNC milled to ensure that there are no imperfections and that each roll is consistent with the Mizuno in hand. There are several different putter finishes that you can choose from within the OMOI lineup, but they are all going to allow for that same great forged feel. 

Additional Weight Kit

Just because a putter is heavy does not mean it is the right fit for your game. Therefore you may benefit from the adjustable weights that Mizuno will give you with the purchase of the OMOI putters. The three weights are 3g, 13g, and the 8g standard. These weights can even be changed before a round if you have an idea that the green speeds will be faster or slower. 

Putter Models 

The OMOI M Craft putters come in three different styles. These styles are the OMOI 01, which is a slant neck blade style putter, the OMOI 02 is a plumber neck blade style, and then the OMOI 03 is a full mallet. 

All three models feature some shaft offset, with the OMOI 03 and the OMOI 02 having the most. The slant neck blade has the most toe hang where the plumber's neck blade falls right in the middle. 

Regardless of your putting style and abilities, there is a Mizuno M Craft OMOI putter that will impact your game in 2022.

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